Is There An Afterlife?


It’s a question that mankind has pondered for millennia. Is there an afterlife? Is there a God? Is there proof of heaven? Many religious leaders, scientists, and philosophers have come up with answers to these questions, but how can we know for sure? The only to be absolutely sure is to die, right? Wrong!

For the past one hundred and fifty plus years, scientists and researchers have been painstakingly collecting evidence that not only suggests, but blatantly tells us, that there is indeed an afterlife. Nowadays, this evidence is readily available for the general public to absorb. So why doesn’t anyone acknowledge this supposed evidence? That’s a great question which, like all great questions, comes with a complexly simple answer!

First of all, no one investigates this evidence because no one is actually aware that it exists. Although you could fill a library will the copious amounts of concrete, scientific evidence, that has recently been collected, mainstream scientists refuse to accept it. In fact, most of them don’t even admit that it exists! Why? Because, like all the greatest inventions and discoveries, it doesn’t conform to their current view of the world and of quantum physics. Acknowledging the truth about death would forever change every single branch of science, and it appears that our mainstream friends aren’t prepared for that yet. If there is one things to be certain of though, it’s that there is a multitude of scientific evidence that could begin to turn the most hardened atheists into believers. If the scientific leaders in question actually familiarized themselves with the evidence, they would realize that how foolish their arguments against it are.

I have read many books and articles by atheistic scientists attempting to refute some form of evidence that suggests our minds easily survive death. The thing is though that they simply cannot refute the majority of evidence they attempt to. Often times they resort to claiming that evidence is not valid simply because it is so far from the norm. Someone ought to remind them that, at one point, the concepts of black holes, alternate dimensions, and alien life were so far-out that those who dared to dabble in them were deemed quacks and dreamers – and now they are the leaders in various fields of astronomy! This very same outcome will eventually happen with death research as well. Even though now one cannot investigate phenomena such as out-of-body experiences or after death communication with risking one’s entire reputation in the scientific community, one day the pile of convincing, legitimate evidence will become too much for the mainstream scientists to ignore. They will have to research death, and what they find will change the world forever.

The blame for our society’s ignorance on the subject of death cannot be placed entirely on the scientific community. There are other reasons as well. Another group that is partly responsible is that of the mainstream religious leaders. Although most religions do believe in an afterlife, not one major one religious group has been able to accurately represent the afterlife and give the dying and bereaved the comfort they deserve. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and just about everyone else all get into heaven! Because the deeply religious refuse to believe that they may be wrong, they’ve shut themselves off to new information and have thus become archaic forms of worship that are now failing to provide us with the answers we so zealously crave! More and more people are beginning to turn away from both religion and science because of their refusal to move forward!

Since mainstream scientific leaders refuse to look into any evidence suggesting that death is not the end, and because religious leaders refute new evidence suggesting that they may not be one hundred percent correct in their beliefs, it appears that we can no longer rely on either group to quench our thirst for knowledge and truth. But, if we are so dissatisfied with what we are being told, why don’t we look elsewhere? Well, I think that we don’t look because we’re subconsciously afraid to . What if we research for ourselves the possibility that the afterlife exists, and we come up blank? What if we find absolutely no evidence that suggests death isn’t the oblivion we’ve always feared? People are afraid that the truth won’t be comforting. They’re afraid to find out that their lost loved ones really are gone forever, that heaven is just a forlorn hope. Of course, once you look at the evidence attained in the last century and a half, you realize how foolish that fear is but, before you start your investigation, it can be tormenting! Fear not, my friends, the answers are out there – and they’re all better than you’ve hoped!

Now that I’ve explained in detail why people don’t believe, or even seek out, the proof that there is an afterlife, you all are probably wonderful what exactly all this evidence is and how you can get a hold of it. Let me start off by saying that, there are so many different ways to prove beyond the slightest doubt that the afterlife exists, that it would be impossible to count them all! I’m going to hit the highlights here: near death experiences, after death communications, and scientific studies on consciousness, but there are many more that I unfortunately cannot include here due to lack of space. Let’s start with the most exciting – the near death experience:

In my personal opinion, near death experiences (NDEs) are in fact the most convincing and exciting proofs of the existence of heaven. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, an NDE refers to a person reporting to have traveled out of his or her body and witnessed heaven with their own eyes. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t have to be dead to have an NDE, but those that do happen in the temporarily deceased are often the easiest to prove the validity of. For example, when a person dies during surgery and, once resuscitated, reports hovering over his body and can tell the surgeon what was said in the operating room and what surgical tools were used while this person was clinically dead and had no heartbeat, it is very hard to dispute. Of course, that’s the least exciting part of these experiences. Near death experiencers also report going through tunnels into a warm, loving, spiritual light where they feel more peace and love than could ever be imagined by those on earth. They also report meeting with deceased loved ones who tell them that they’ve got unfinished business on earth and are not ready to die yet. These could not be mere dreams! If someone is brain dead, they cannot use their material brain. Plus, were it a dream, they could never report the exact conditions in the operating room during their death. One of the easiest ways to prove the these people really experienced something extraordinary is by simply examining their fear of death – or rather, their lack thereof. Most, if not all experiencers return completely free of their fear of death. In fact, they look forward to the day when they will get to rejoin their loved ones in bliss. You’ve got to admit, that is convincing! If you are interested in near death experiences, check out The creator of the site has done a wonderful job collecting hundreds of reports of NDEs and organizing them by categories such as causes, duration, and what they experienced.

Another exciting category of afterlife evidence is after death communication. It appears as though the dead can and do make contact with us in ways that are impossible for us to doubt. The easiest ways for the deceased to send us concrete messages seems to be through mediums. I know what you’re thinking, that mediums give such vague responses that there is no way to separate an actual medium from a creative charlatan. Nowadays that may be true, since most mediums today are physic mediums, which means that the deceased are only able to send them cryptic images that could have a variety of meanings. I’ll admit that such mediums might not be too convincing to skeptics, although they are certainly real and quite talented. But, in the earlier part of the twentieth century, there was a certain type of medium called a deep-trance medium that could really give you the proof you crave! These incredible mediums would, as their name suggests, go into a deep trance and allow the dead to control their bodies to some extent. Using this method, they were able to convey messages such as “Look on the bookshelf to your right. On the second shelf, get the fourth book in. On page seventy-two, line three, the eighth word is ‘shopkeeper’ and that same word is also on line eight, as word six.” Bear in mind that these mediums were in rooms that they had never been in before where they were doing this, and they had an accuracy rate of over ninety percent! That’s far to high for them to be faking it. A variation of this type of medium was the direct-voice medium. As with deep trance mediums, there are only a few of these people left alive today. Direct-voice mediums would actually create a voice box somehow that the dead could use to produce their own voices. To listen to some seances with direct-voice medium Leslie Flint, go to You won’t be disappointed!

The last bit of research that I’d like to discuss here is the scientific study of consciousness and the mind. Mind you, these studies are not something that mainstream scientists would accept (from reasons described above), but they were conducted by reliable, brilliant, honest people who have risked their careers, and thus their very livelihoods, to present this evidence to general public! For the purpose of our little discussion here, mind refers a person’s consciousness and self, whilst brain refers to the hunk of physical mass inside the head. There are several, independent studies that suggest that our minds can actually access information before our brains can. For example, people, when focused on a certain location or person, could determine what was going on at that place, or what was that person was doing/wearing with an accuracy rate was far higher than should have been possible. This practice of looking at things without physical eyes is known as remote viewing. Believe it or not, it is actually a known, accepted fact that the United States Government hired several remote viewers during the cold war to spy on Russia! Please remember though that remote viewing is just one of hundreds of things that cannot be explained by mainstream science – there is so much more! To find out more, I would suggest you read R. Craig Hogan’s book, Your Eternal Self. If you’re unwilling to shell out for a book you’ve never heard of, know that you can read it for free at

So what does all this evidence actually say? Well, people have written fat books that can only summarize the conclusions drawn from this evidence, but perhaps I can give you a taste. All reports seem to suggest that after death we enter a blissful area called the Summerland, which is just like earth, but without anything negative. This area is completely free of religion, and there are no accounts whatsoever the vengeful God we all fear meeting. Of course, God does exist, but He loves us far to much to ever judge us! Instead, we judge ourselves. Overall, the afterlife, it turns out, is better than we could’ve hoped for!

Speaking in Tongues Can Improve Your Health

A few years ago, a brain surgeon at Oral Roberts University did a study of what happens in the brain when people pray in tongues. He found that they secreted two chemicals that can boost the immune system by 35-40%! Think about the effects this can have on opportunistic diseases such as cancer.

God created the immune system to be our defense against harmful invaders: bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, and even malignant. It is when the immune system is weakened that such pathogens can attack and overwhelm our bodies. We all know that keeping our immune system strong is vital to warding off diseases, and why it is so important for us to eat a healthy diet and to avoid foods that are heavily processed. Proper exercise and sleep are also necessary to keep our immune system strong, because God has designed our bodies to recuperate and repair themselves during sleep.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System discovered that when one is speaking in tongues, there is decreased activity in the frontal lobes of the brain, which is the area associated with being in control of oneself. They measured regional cerebral blood flow by special imaging machines, while the subjects were speaking in tongues, It showed that they were not in control of the brain’s usual language centers during this activity. This was consistent with the participants’ claims of a lack of intentional control while speaking in tongues. It reflected a complex pattern of changes in brain activity.

Another well-known study done by an agnostic scientist, Andrew Newberg of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that a part of the brain was activated by speaking in tongues that otherwise was dormant. SPECT imaging was used to analyze blood flow to the brain. There was a decrease in activity in subjects frontal lobes while speaking in tongues. “That is a part of the brain that makes us feel as if we are in control of our actions,” Newberg said. “How do you know they are speaking in tongues rather than faking it,” Newberg asked. “But the fact that we found similar changes in the brain in all our subjects suggests that something is really happening.” Michael Persinger, a behavioural scientist at Laurentian University in Canada, praised the study. “It tells us a great deal about spiritual, mystical expriences,” said Persinger, who has studied glossolalia. Dave Roberson, who speaks in tongues many hours a day, claims to have lived in Divine health for decades.

Cosmetic Surgeon in Derbyshire


In today’s time of technological advancements and medical procedures we are in the era of getting what we want. Our physical appearance can be altered in accordance with our personal preferences. Believe it or not there are several treatments available for changing almost everything about ourselves. Here is a list of what all can be plunged into if you are not happy with the way you look:

Say bye to bye to the puffy, baggy eyes, all those bulging lids dropping on the eyes. Say hi to the young, fresh, prominent looking eyes with the Eye lift surgery.

Heavy, repulsive upper arms can easily be the things of the past with the cosmetic plastic surgery. Besides the arm lift, there is the face lift, neck lift and the thigh lift.

Mr.Javaid is a renowned cosmetic surgeon with years of experience behind him. He has successfully treated numerous men and women for different reasons. He is also an expert at non-surgical procedures for rejuvenation of the skin. Amongst the popular solutions are the chemical peels and the dermarollers. The former are used for smoothening out the textures of the skin. The latter are effective in reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

The idea is to promote smooth, flawless, textured skin including body contouring services. The breast related surgeries are the most requested in the United Kingdom including Derby. From uplifting and shaping to reduction in the size or even increase in the size, it is all possible. In case of men it can about decrease the breast size.

Then there is the next category of body surgeries. Liposuction is the common treatment required by many. This works on the fat deposits in the localised areas of the human bodies. Poor physical activity and genetics could lead to unshaped appearance. Some of the key areas where these excessive fat deposits can be spotted are the buttocks, thighs and the tummy. Programs are available for targeting any or all of these regions.
For those primarily focussing on their face, there are several improvisations possible. There is the reshaping of the nose. This may be triggered by a cosmetic reason or medical condition. Correction surgery is also offered for those wanted to fix their overly prominent ears.

Working on the reducing the scars, removal of moles etc are the other common requests processed by the surgeon. Lumps and bumps are the other visible issues that can be resolved comfortably.

All in all it is safe to say that cosmetic surgery can come to the rescue of several beauty conditions. It can work on various parts of the body – the face, neck, eyes, ears, arms, legs, privates etc as desired by the individuals.

It is noteworthy that each treatment may come with some side effects, list of dos and don’ts and a realistic picture of what exactly to expect. With rich experience, successful past and understanding of various requests it is a great idea to consult him with your areas of concern anytime.

Jesus Christ Benefits to Health

health religion

There have been many claims and studies saying that religion benefit’s the health of a person. Before revealing what those benefits are, let us know first what religiont is. According to Cicero, religion came from the word ‘relegare’ which means to go through again and read again. ‘Re’ means again while ‘legere’ means read. However, the modern writers and ancient writers linked the word religion to ‘religare’ which means to bind fast or unite. Taking it from the word origins, religion means binding oneself or meeting the ultimate creator, God.

Many doctors believe that health does not just mean the physical body alone, but also involves the mind and spirit. There have been numerous studies suggesting that religious people recover better, have longer life and are less likely to be depressed. Since religion involves a belief that someone divine provides things for people, a person who belongs to a religion tends to believe he will get healed when sick and he will survive when challenged. Religion benefits the mental health in a way that it improves the mental well being of a person. Experts say that if you truly believe in your faith, then what you prayed for will most likely come true. There were also cases that a person’s belief helped him fight a disease and get well again which they call the psychological effect in a person.

Jesus Christ benefits relationship as well. Since it involves mingling with other people, Jesus Christ enhances one’s social aspect and this gives a person so many positive effects. Studies show that when a person eats with friends, he is most likely to feel full and contented. Encouragement from friends also helps a patient get well or a depressed person feel better. Physical contacts like hugs can also aid in healing a person. Physical contacts stimulate the nerves of the body sending signals to the brain; then the brain produces serotonin, the body’s natural anti-depressant and also called the ‘happy hormone.’

Other Jesus Christ benefits for one’s health involve behaviors like good diet and refraining from alcohol and cigarette. People who are surrounded by a religious community also have positive image of oneself, sense of purpose and growth. Jesus Christ benefits the lonely people, too. When people lost a loved one or experience misery, they realize some situations are out of their hands and that they have to trust the Lord. Also, Jesus Christ gives consolation and comfort to those in need making a person stronger in continuing life.

Jesus Christ is also life changing. How many criminals have turned back on their past and embraced God? Jesus Christ also shapes artistry and creativity through prayer and music. Participating in choirs and other events enhances a person’s skills.

Jesus Christ is not just a congregation that performs rituals or ceremonies regularly but also a relationship and community where people give and take, forgive and love, share and grow. If you belong to a religion, you may want to get yourself immersed and involved to it because of the many and sometimes unexplainable benefits of it to your health and life.

And the true secret to lasting health is to live in peace with God. Jesus Christ shows us the way to God. He sets us free from our sins, and gives us inner peace and joy, nothing else can give us. Having peace of heart keeps us healthy, in both body and soul. Discover who Jesus Christ is, on this website.

Tips for Healthy Diet

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.

To follow a healthy diet is not about avoidance of eating favorite cuisines and obeying nutritional charts. It is only aimed to keep you fit by following some basics of nutrition in a way that works for you. Following a healthy diet does not apply rocket science. Given below are some tips for maintaining a healthy diet.

1. Eat enough but not too much. A healthy diet focuses on balance not excessiveness. Do not eat more food than the amount which your body cannot consume.

2. Do not limit your self only to a single type of food. A healthy diet is the one which is based on variety. Give a try to those fruits, grains, vegetables which you normally do not eat.

3. During out door eating opt for moderate food packages instead of large or extra ones (if you are eating alone). In recent years majority of food chains have raised the sizes of food packages however if you want to implement a healthy diet plan then focus on moderate food packages instead of large while eating for yourself.

4. Eat fresh. A healthy diet is based on fresh or newly cooked food instead of frozen one.

5. Concentrate on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes. A healthy diet manual encourages use of these food items as they are free of cholesterol and enriched with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

6. Drink more water as it flushes toxic wastes out of body through urination. It also prevents from dehydration which can cause serious illness.

7. Limit sugar based products especially carbonated drinks. It will prevent you from obesity. A taking of carbonated drink per day can increase pounds in double figures.

8. An impact of healthy diet is visible only when you are engaged in physical activity. Keep moving by taking exercises or indulging yourself in sporting activities.

9. Always chew food properly as it will help in digestion. Also savoring every bite will let you enjoy flavors.

10. Do not eat while you are driving, working or doing any other physical activity. This is necessary to avoid stress during eating which can cause digestion problems including heart burn.

11. As part of a healthy diet practice it is recommended to eat when you are really hungry. First drink water and then eat in slow manner. Close your meal before you may feel full.

12. Avoid bad carbohydrates. These include refined sugar, rice and white floor. Refined floor is filtered of bran and fibers which are essential nutrients and can prevent from constipation related problems.

13. For healthy diet use whole grain food and cereals e.g. millet, barley. Usually wheat cereals and dark bread contain whole grains. Avoid refined grains.

14. Make use of beans, oats, fruit, vegetables, whole grains which are considered as a healthy diet enriched with fiber.

15. Avoid canned fruit juices. Because it contains sugar syrup. Also avoid fried vegetables, snacked food as these contain extra fats and calories.

16. Proteins are also essentials for maintaining a healthy diet. Lack of proteins can hinder growth process. Proteins also act a source of energy which keeps the man moving. Milk, cheese, butter, eggs, meat, chicken and fish are food items enriched with proteins.

17. A healthy diet manual is incomplete without the usage of diary products. Calcium which gives strength to bones is prime ingredient of dairy products. Milk also contains Vitamin D which helps in formation of both bones and teeth. Always choose non fat or low fat diary products which do not contain bovine growth hormones.

18. A healthy diet does not exclude usage of fats. How ever it is recommended to use mono-saturated fats. Primary sources of mono-saturated fats are plant oils e.g. Canola oil, olive oil etc. Avoid Trans-fats which are present in margarines, cookies, fried and snacked food etc.

19. Keep an eye on salt usage. Salts are not bad if used in limited amount. However over consumption of salts can cause high blood pressure and other related problems.

These are some of the healthy diet tips which one can follow to avoid health related problems and live up to dreams.

Healthy Eating And Exercise For Diet


Our life and health is impacted every day by the food we eat. Your body needs a constant supply of energy to fuel your heartbeat, breathing, digestion and to help repair body tissue. This energy is measured in calories. To maintain a healthy balance with calorie intake and fat intake in mind, you need to find a balance in the food you choose to eat.

There are five main food groups which people should be eating a varied mixture of on a daily in order to maintain healthy eating. Starchy foods make up one of these groups. Starchy foods refer to bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. These foods are your main source of carbohydrates and make up half of your daily energy intake. You need a sufficient amount of starchy food just like you need a strong amount of dairy products. Dairy products are rich in protein and your best source of vitamin D and Calcium. As well as starchy foods and dairy products you also need some intake of fats and sugar. Your fat intake should not exceed 35% but you should not cut it out of your diet completely as fat is the most energy dense nutrient that your body can get.

Probably the most important out of the five food groups however is fruit and vegetables. It is said that you should have at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. There is strong evidence that by doing this you are reducing the risk of things such as heart disease.

There is strong evidence that suggests by eating healthy you are reducing the risk of illness such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and several types of cancer, including bowel cancer. Having a healthy diet is important and can potentially extend your life.

Healthy eating can however be overlooked when it comes to dieting. The image of slim women is all that greets us in fashion magazines, the music industry and the film industry. These images are burned into our minds as what we should all look like and women and men across the country are doing anything they can to lose weight, including risking their health.

Every where we look there are new diet fads appearing, this is especially evident across the internet. The list of these diets seems never ending and most offer a quick fix to lose weight fast. One of these diets is the Atkins diet. On the Atkins diet you are encouraged to eat all types of meat, cheese, eggs and fats (butter or oils); completely throwing out the fact you are supposed to keep your fat intake down to around 35%. You are also told to limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat on this diet, which again throws out the fact that carbohydrates make up half of your daily energy intake.

Another diet fad that has grown in popularity is the liquid diet. Even though medically it is only really safe to go on this diet if you are going to undergo a medical procedure such as a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy; people are using it as a way of losing weight fast. In certain cases of extreme obesity, a liquid diet is used to make the person lose weight. A liquid diet either partially replaces meals or completely does meaning that your only intake will be fluids such as teas and juices.

A liquid diet could possibly disrupt the natural flow of your body and will not provide you with enough nutrients, energy or protein to get you through the day. A liquid diet will also not teach individuals the requirements of healthy eating to maintain weight loss over a long period of time.

Diet fads are growing more popular but these are just quick fixes and will not help you in a long term sense. The best way in order to loss weight as well as keeping a good balance of the five food groups is to eat the right foods in the right quantity. Cut out sugary snacks and replace them with more fruit intake; vary your diet so you aren’t eating the same things over and over.

As well as eating the right type of food you should also start a regular exercise programme which will get you in shape faster than any diet fad will. Regular exercise will not only keep you healthy it could also be the reason as to why you live longer as taking regular exercise will help to prevent against things such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Medical guidelines state that healthy adults should be getting at least 30 minutes of intense activity five days a week. This exercise can be anything from walking, mowing the lawn, dancing, cycling, any type of sport, aerobics or even weight training. The key to exercise is finding one that best suits you.

Exercise combined with a good diet, which incorporates all of the five food groups is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to lose the weight that you want.

Simple Things For Healthy Living


Everybody wants to make the most in their life and want to life healthy because the benefits of healthy living are pretty obvious. When you’re healthy you stay physically active and you can focus on important things in life. Some of the most successful people in the world are also equally concerned about their health that help them to stay active and focused. We often see people talking about healthy living, but not following that lifestyle because they believe that it hampers their routine life which is busy and hectic. However, healthy living is not that complicated and here are few simple and small things that you can follow to make your life healthier.

Drink More Water

A simple way to switch to healthy living is getting rid of those energy drinks and sodas and replace it with pure water. Yes, nothing works better than pure water that helps your body with digestion, absorption, blood circulation, transportation of nutrients, creation of saliva and maintaining your body temperature. Pure water can also help you to keep those increasing calories under control and energizes your body muscles naturally. It also moisturizes your skin from within and gives it a natural glow to make you look great. It is also recommended to switch to herbal tea and fresh fruit juices instead of coffee.

Eating Healthy

Millions across the world blame it on time for their addiction to junk food. Junk food also known as fast food is easier to find and eat and that saves time. However, you don’t have to spend hours to eat healthy. If you are planning to live a healthy lifestyle you can always carry fresh fruits or a small box of salad which you can relish when you’re hungry in between meals. It is also recommended that you carry a small packet of dry fruits like cashews, almonds and walnuts that you can eat while you’re hungry on the move.


Surprisingly, many believe that one needs to go to the gym to stay fit, but that is not a requirement. You can follow simple exercises and fitness workout at home for 5-10 minutes and that would help you to burn those excessive calories and keep you fit. If you don’t have time for it, you can always walk or take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator and allow your body muscles to work out even during the office hours. On weekends, you can go for swimming or dancing classes and that way you can add more to your life while keeping your body fit.

Sleep Well

Sleep is an important part of healthy living and you should ensure that you sleep well allowing your body to repair itself thoroughly. A good quality sleep protects our mental and physical health and supports growth and development. Studies show that good quality sleep can improve learning, solving problems, making decisions, and controlling your emotions and behavior and coping with change. It maintains a healthy balance of the hormones that boost muscle mass and helps in repairing cells and tissues.

With these small and simple things you will see that healthy living is not as complicated as it seems. You can incorporate these small changes in your life and make it a part of your lifestyle to reap more benefits from it in the long term.

Health-related Laws for Employers


Health-related Regulations for Business employers have grown to be vastly more complex over just the past few years. As the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) provisions came into play year by year, businesses are finding themselves having to make improvements to their businessesto lowerthe expenses that the many new healthcare regulations impose on organizations.

Now that 2014 has arrived, the bulk ofthe brand newregulationshave recentlycome into effect. While a detailedreport on the law is far outside the range of this article, I am going toaddresssome of the mostsignificant items of concern for employers.

For organizations that employ under 50 people full-time, no insurance coverage is required to be offered by the company by law. Likewise, for corporations of between 50 and 99 full-time workers, the insurance coverage requirement is suspended until January 1, 2016, upon which date they will be expected toprovide thecoverage. Companies with 100 or more full-time employees areinstructed to provide coverage for at least 70 percent of them by 2015. No company is required by law to provide coverage for their part-time staff members.

Healthcare coverage needs to beregarded as affordable, which is currently defined as costing 9.5 percent of family income or less. Full-time staff members who pay more than 9.5 percent of their household income for their insurance coveragequalify for a tax credit to lower their healthcare expenses. The coverage must also be considered complete, which means it must cover at least 60% of the covered healthcare expenses.

Penalties are determinedon the grounds of the number of full-time employees in the corporation. The penalty for a company that’s required to offer healthcare insurance and doesn’t is $2,000 per full-time employee. In addition, employees who get the tax credit cost their firms $3,000 per head.

While there were many employers in the U.S. who offer health coverage for their employeesbefore the Affordable Care Act, the enactment of the law changes everything. The extent to which this is a good or bad thing is determined by who you ask. On one hand, the law means that full-time staff will be confirmed a basic minimum of health insurance, but on the other hand, the significant increase in cost and complexity to employers could amount to a major blow to the economy.

Already, there are businesses announcing rounds of layoffs so that they can get their employee count under 50 to be exempt from the insurance requirements. Others have lowered the hours of their pull-time staff, effectively turning them into part-time staff, because they’re not require to pay insurance coverage for part-timers. In addition, because health coverage is so pricey, even under the Affordable Care Act, some recruiters may opt to pay the fees of $2,000 per full-time worker rather than provide theinsurance coverage. This may seem like a petty thing to do, but a lot of these providersrun onthin margins, and if providing coverage costs even $1,000 more than pay the fee, it may make sense for some to pay the fee.

Compliance Document Services will notify you about Health Care Laws as well as any other law updates that are necessary for you to post. To learn more or read reviews about Compliance Document Services visit their website.

How Getting a Pet Can Improve Your Health

getting dog

Animals are a wonderful addition to any family, even when your family is just you.

Animals provide us with unconditional love and constant companionship, two things that are hard to find in other human beings!

It has been said that getting a pet can improve your health-a statement that is more fact than fiction. Believe it or not, having a pet really can improve your health!

Here you will find some scientific evidence that having a pet improves the health of the people who own them.

Pets can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This is absolutely true! The unconditional love expressed to us from our pets can have a relaxing affect on us that is not mirrored by anything else.

Knowing that there is another living creature in our lives that loves us no matter what is comforting, and that comfort relaxes us, which can cause our blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels to go down.

A 1995 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that pet owners are more likely to survive heart attacks that non-pet owners.

Pets elevate our moods. Having pets can relieve depression symptoms. The American Geriatrics Society published a study in 1999 that showed senior citizens are less likely to be depressed if they own pets.

Another study done on men who were suffering from AIDS showed that they were less likely to be depressed if they owned pets. They are great at cheering their people up sometimes without meaning to.
Have you tried to stay mad when your cat rubs her face against yours? It is very hard!

We mentioned comfort before as a relaxant and a lowerer of blood pressure and cholesterol. Pets provide a great deal even in small doses of comfort the repetitive motion of petting a dog or a cat can be soothing.

Having animal company also appeals to our inner instinct to nurture others, and having a pet that needs taking care of feeds that need and also gives us a sense of responsibility.

Dogs are lovely and obedient and one of the best pets to have at your home. But they need to be given professional dog training so that they can learn proper behaviour and mannerisms. If dogs are not trained well then they pick up bad habits and get quite aggressive and troublesome. Such dogs become a cause of frustration for their owners than being happy and lovable companions for their owners.

Pets keep their owners active. Active pets have active owners. Dogs need to be walked and played with as do cats and most other furry creatures.

Getting down and playing with your pet or taking them out to the park is a great way to keep yourself active and healthy.

They also increase our opportunities for socialization. Talking about our pets is a little bit like talking about our kids. Owners bond over stories of their pets and taking your pet outside or to the park can be a great conversation starter for people who might otherwise be too shy to approach others.

Having a dog, cat or any kind of animal company is a big responsibility, but if you think you can care for an animal, the benefits of having one far outweigh any inconveniences you might be uses to deter yourself from visiting your local shelter.

Yoga Music, Healing Music – Relax Your Body, Mind, And Soul


Have you ever thought, how to improve your health conditions with the help of Yoga where in,you have the chance to lessen the intake of medicines. It really doesn’t matter in which profession you are in, all matters is the thirty minutes of yoga a day which makes your body and mind totally fit and healthy. There are myriad benefits when you practice yoga regularly, as it helps you to increase your concentration and focus on your tasks and challenges in your life.

Yoga helps to develop harmony between the mind, soul and body by uniting, yoking, joining and putting together these three elements of human being. So proper yoga practice with exercise, meditation and asanas can help to relax the mind, body and soul.

Yoga, the greatest antidote to stress, ensures complete relaxation if practiced regularly. When paired with music, yoga becomes much more effective than ever. While performing yoga, Meditation music creates the right mood. Even relaxing yoga music and soothing sounds can be a great aid to sleep. Yoga helps to develop a peaceful mind. The soothing Yoga music helps to relax, calm the mind, and thus create a balance within. Many stress-relaxing techniques included in Yoga enforce relaxation in this stressful life of the present time.

Nowadays, gradually, people can understand this aspect or benefit of Yoga practicing for which many spiritual music companies offer particular Yoga DVDs and CDs containing hymns and chants which soothe the mind by creating a calm atmosphere around.

If you are seeking a fantastic variety of New Age music, on an international level then look no further, because SK Infinity Music is the place to be. Here you will find the best collection of music which is listened to by millions of people all over the world.

This unique and captivating New Age music is available for purchase to everyone. This music is listened to over and over again by millions of people in over 50 countries. There are subscribers from all over the world, who choose SK Infinity Music as their top New Age music by choice.

Not only does SK Infinity Music have a huge listener base from all over the world, but it has also reached the iTunes Top New Age music charts. This is besides the fact that it is featured on various quality radio channels. One of the radio channels that it features on is the popular and free personalized radio station Pandora Radio.

All these amazing tunes and more are available for download via the website They can also be found on most major and popular online stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody and Spotify. It can also be streamed via Pandora and various other top popular streaming channels.


SK Infinity Music is known by its millions of fans to be the place to go for quality, premium and unique relaxing music. If you are looking for music, to relax, unwind, dance to, meditate to, chant to, heal with, and become empowered with and more this is the place to be.

Some of the music featured is:
• Sound yoga
• Music for healing
• Mantras and chants
• Conscious dance music
• Spiritual music
• Music for yoga
• Music for meditation
• Nature sounds and music
• Relaxing music
• Music for prayers
• Stress relief music
• World music
• Music for Reiki
• Music for fitness and cardio

They offer only the best quality music in the New Age music categories. SK Infinity World Media produces premium music for world renowned films and TV productions. Their music is even a part of the popular reality show on Channel V and Star TV. Their music is on a very high caliber and has been mentioned on NBC affiliate radio Los Angeles.

Top music and film producer Sandeep Khurana has impressively composed and produced more than 100 albums in various impressive genres within the New Age music categories. He is known throughout the world for his work in New Age Music and videos on Yoga and Healing. He is the author of the informative book titled: Karma Yoga and Mind”

His experience comes from many years of studying and living a vast variety of spiritual and healing methodologies. These include: Yoga, Reiki, Osho mysticism, Pranayama and Chakra healing amongst many others. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience and talents which he has generously chosen to share with everyone across the world through his creations.

Visit SK Infinity Music to find out more and to download and purchase the remarkable music. We are sure you will be mesmerized just like millions of others.

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