Peptides, a Positive Health Trend


In layman’s terms peptides are just small proteins.  They are chemical compounds of  amino acids where water molecules have been eliminated allowing peptide bonds to form.  Peptides have many roles in the human body, acting as neurotransmitters or enabling the creation of hormones necessary to the body’s primary mechanisms.  Because peptides are necessary for the body to produce HGH (human growth hormones) their use is associated with anti-aging products, muscle building products, and organ stimulation.  Amino acids have always been used as supplements in these same areas, so peptide use should not be considered some new phenomenon.  Creatine and glutamine are two peptide supplements that people use regularly to stimulate muscle creation and to help the body understand that it needs to eliminate stored fats.  Newer peptides such as Ipamorelin are synthesized peptide chains whose use is usually confined to the upper echelon of athletes that look for ways to stimulate muscle growth, but will most-likely end up in the consumer markets as more people see their benefits.

Currently, the use of peptides is regulated in Australia and distributed by physicians, although supplements used to encourage production of peptides are sold over the counter.  Part of the controversy stimulated by media is based on a lack of understanding about peptides.  They are unfairly compared to steroids due to the annabolic factor.  Steroids travel to the cell nucleus to create a major effect.  Testosterone is an example of a “steroid” that has an immediate cellular impact.

Peptides work on the cell’s receptors to induce an effect similar to cascading.  Insulin is a type of peptide with a slow but potent effect on the body.  Because of the powerful impact of a steroid these substances are controlled and used to support healing in injuries or specific body inflammation.  Peptides are far more gentle on the body and encourage production of positive and necessary hormones.

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Synthetic Nose Implant Surgery


Throughout recent history, there are more and more people who are looking to have cosmetic surgery. Many of the people who are signing up for a procedure are looking to get a nose implant to help restructure the shape of their nose to help change up their appearance a bit. It goes without saying that the area of the nose where it is located on the face is of skin only as there isn’t any extra muscle and fat to go over the top of the implant. When it comes to getting such an implant, it is important that you fully research all of your options, pick out the perfect surgeon to help you meet your goals and understand what the procedure entails.

When a nasal implant is done, it is placed just underneath the relatively thin skin that is located on the nasal cartilage or nasal bone. This can be an area that is very tricky to work with, especially for a surgeon who may not have all that much experience. Because of the nature of this surgery and the checkered history that it has developed through a lot of trial and error throughout the years, you will want to make sure that you pick an experienced plastic surgeon that has a great track record of happy clients who have gotten nasal implants.

Many of the implants for the nose will use some of the more traditional materials, including Medpor, Gore-tex and silicone rubber. A good portion of the nose implants that have been done are those that use silicone rubber, simply because it is low in cost, there are different styles that you can pick from and it also inserts rather easily into the nose. With that being said, there really haven’t been many studies showing whether or not one material is better than the other.


Each patient is going to have a different set of needs when it comes to any sort of nasal implant surgery. Some people have it done to help reconstruct the nose after an accident, there are others who have it done to correct a problem that they were born with and there are some who simply have the implant done for their own personal reasons to better their appearance. No matter what the reason may be for a nasal implant, you are sure to get much better results when you take the time to research your options.

Before ever committing yourself for a nasal implant surgery, make sure you do your own research first and check around for reputable cosmetic surgeons in your area. Entrusting your operation to just anybody can lead to regrets or cause serious problems – not just complications but it can also lead to scarring. Instead of bringing you some confidence, it might cause the opposite. Make sure to do your research first and don’t just buy into the hype and all these cheap offers. It’s better to be safe than sorry because the damages that can incur can be irreparable.


Medora Centre for Medicine & Surgery, a regional centre for aesthetic  treatments. We are committed to deliver the finest quality services without compromising on the safety and privacy of individuals.



The thing someone wants most, after along hard day, is a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, snoring often disrupts that, keeping people from getting that much needed rest. According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 90 million people suffer from snoring problems — and that doesn’t include the partners who are trying to sleep beside these individuals.

To overcome this common sleeping disorder, you need to understand what causes it, before you can start thinking about ways to stop snoring.

What Causes Snoring?
There are a few different things that can cause people to snore. The most common reason is because they have a bit more throat or nose tissue. Not only can this reduce your air intake while sleeping, it can also block the airway in the nose or the throat. The tongue also plays a major role in causing you to snore, although maybe not as much as the nasal and throat airways.

Finding the cause for snoring is pretty similar to other medical conditions – you need to look for symptoms in your sleep pattern. For example, snoring with a closed mouth could indicate a tongue-related issue while open mouth snoring may be a throat-related problem. If you’re snoring while sleeping on your back, it may be a lifestyle issue although snoring in any position might indicate something more serious.Ask your partner for help with this process, alternatively, you could employ a camera for the task.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally
If you want to quit snoring without products or devices, then you might want to try some lifestyle changes. Bringing out your exercise shoes and shedding some weight might help with the fatty tissue that blocks your throat. While toning your body might help, you might find that smoking and alcohol, as well as some sedatives or sleeping pills, may also contribute a lot to your snoring issues. Creating a sleeping routine can also give you a better way to prepare your body for sleep.

However, just before you hit the sack, you might want to try out a few things like clearing out your nasal passages. A simple nasal decongestant could do the trick, while keeping your bedroom air warm and moist; using a humidifier might also be helpful. If you can raise your pillow to elevate your head a bit more than usual, you might find it quite useful, especially if you’re sleeping on your side. Finally, you might want to keep that caffeine content and meal size low before bedtime to help you stop snoring.

Ways to Stop Snoring with Handy Devices
The market is flooded with options of how to stop snoring and there are a few things that have shown significant results when it comes to controlling or lowering snoring levels in people. There are products like the Good Night Stop Snoring Ring, which focuses on providing a therapeutic solution based on acupuncture. You wear the ring around your little finger, where special pressure point activators target the right areas.

Then, there are a host of mouth guards that hold your jaw-line at the right angle, opening up your throat’s airway. Usually, devices like the RipSnore or ZQuiet come with small breathing holes in them, allowing you to breathe through your mouth as well. Nasal strips are also quite popular as ways to stop snoring, holding your nasal passage open to let more air through.

There’s alsoMute, a state of the art nasal device that helps you stop snoring by fitting neatly into your nasal passages. It takes just a few days to get accustomed to, as compared to some of the other devices that may take a few weeks. Also, Mute’s positioning within the nasal passages is designed to keep the passages wide and open, without slipping out of place or falling out, as the case might be with other similar devices.

With over 75% of users finding a significant change in their snoring patterns, Mute is a solution for people who want to know how to stop snoring. In fact, for those who are wondering about how to stop snoring naturally, Mute can offer that temporary solution they need while they are working their way to a more permanent cure.

There are many ways and devices that will help you reduce instances of snoring and the fact is you need to try them for yourself to see how effective they are for you. What works for one individual may not work for another, and by using devices like Mute, you can find an effective way to alleviate the problem. Make some lifestyle changes and use Mute to bring that snoring level down.

If problems continue to persist, consult a medical professional for a more permanent cure to quit snoring.

How to get quality research substances online?


Most of the web sites selling investigation chemicals can affirm their product being genuine or even that they just offer directly from suppliers. The truth is that after analyzed, around 20% with the goods being sold contained additional substances such as unsafe medicines.

Research chemicals are necessary in all extents of production and science. In some form or another, the majority of manufacturing industries do use chemicals. On the other hand, scientists need peptides in order to carry out their important experiments.

Let’s face it – the influx of the Internet has made it potential to purchase research chemicals online. If there had been almost no access to experimental chemicals, now quite a lot of students and researchers can buy and use these substances for scientific purposes.

However research chemicals must be handled with attention as careless management can lead to unwanted consequences. In case you are a researcher or scientist, you do know the motive why you should find the safest and most trustworthy sources for research compounds.

Notwithstanding the fact that legal research chemicals are believed to be safe, it can be dangerous to buy them online. One of the reasons is their possible substandard quality. That is why research chemicals should be ordered from trusted suppliers. Searching online will help you understand whether the company you are purchasing from is a honest company or not.

An additional moment to underline is the law guiding the way you’re buying research chemicals online.It’s important that younotice it before you buy research chemicals online.Quite many companies activate in international locations with miscellaneous laws on research chemicals. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that you are not overstepping the laws of any country.

Please keep in mind that you are dealing with a notable company or supplier which is a known name in the chemical industry. That will be a proof that your vendor complies with the scientists’ and researchers’ needs.

The Cardio Boss Fitness App Now Available on Android

(COLUMBUS, OH) – First available on Apple devices, the Cardio Boss Fitness App has now launched in Android version, making the program’s expert fat-burning workouts available to all mobile users.

“Android users have been requesting our workouts and we’re delighted to now be able to provide our free programs to everyone who wants to rev up their fitness and get in better shape and overall health,” said Cardio Boss creator Mike Davies.


With over 7,500 downloads to date, the Cardio Boss is one of the most popular cardio apps on the market. It provides a package of ten high intensity, low-impact workouts that can be done in any gym, along with video demonstrating proper form for each movement. Two additional workouts per month can be sent to the device for $1.99 per month on an ongoing basis.

“People want to get fit but sometimes they’re not sure what to do. The Cardio Boss takes all the guesswork out because each routine was designed by a professional trainer with over twenty years of experience,” Davies said.
Users can stream their own music to customize their workouts, and there are options given for beginners, intermediate and experienced exercisers. More information is available at

About Mike Davies
Mike Davies is the owner and founder of The Fitness Factory. Since 1995, The Fitness Factory has been involved with thousands of clients, and is currently assisting over 2,200 clients worldwide. Mike’s clientele include the three-time reigning Ms. Olympia, Adela Garcia, Ms. International, Jen Hendershott, and the past three Fitness National Champions. He is credited with coaching over 267 athletes to professional status in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure, making him one of the most recognized trainers in the world today. Athletes seeking to gain a competitive edge and stay in top physical condition, including Olympic athletes, Collegiate All Americans, NBA basketball and NFL football players, also rely on Mike for his expertise.

The Healthiest Fitness Bar: Quest Nutrition Products

quest nutrition

There are vast number of products that are offered for weight loss such as surgery, meal replacement shake, diet pills, diet program and more. For people who are uncompromisingly always on the go and living a busy lifestyle; adding protein bars to your diet is one of the convenient way that you can do to rationalize fitness and body building diets. One of the renowned product is The Quest Protein Bars. This are made available in trifling easy packaging to carry snacks easily and able to provide quick carb and protein consumption anytime. As you have notice the market of bodybuilding diet, there are great number of protein shakes and bar products which states and declare that they can provide users ample amount of minerals, vitamins, protein and carbohydrates for their energy. Using Quest Nutrition, you will surely get a product which is a lot different from the large number of protein bars in the supermarket.

The benefits of Quest Nutrition Products:
This product contains high-quality protein sources were in whey is the major protein source that is included in the protein bar. This is the only existing protein source that contains bio availability and amino acid profile that support the growth of lean muscle. While it’s secondary source is the milk protein which is combination of whey and casein. This also consist of high fiber level were in each pack contains 15 to 17 fiber that is derived from oligosaccharide recognized as isomalto. Among any fit bar, this is digested easily that contains non gassy fiber form which helps in controlling hunger. It effectively improved digestive health while preventing uses in getting certain diseases. Since body builders is required to have 30 to 60grms of fiber every day, the Quest Protein Bar is the only one that can easily provide and you meet totals.

Quest Bar comprised of healthy fats were in each bar consist of unique nut mixture from cashews, almonds and peanuts; nut butter like almond butter and peanut butter, that delivers healthy fats that your body need while keeping the bar chewy and soft. Every bar contains 2 to 10grms of healthy fats, depending on the chosen flavour that you pick. Compared to most low-quality bars which contains endless list of additives, fillers and binders, the Quest Protein Bars are simple, clean and contains ingredients that you need without any additional junk being added in.

Even if it only contains simple list of ingredient, you will be assured that the taste it good with chewy texture that makes it enjoyable to take in to your regimen. To attain better taste, this bars can be toss into microwave to have softer and fresher feel and taste. There is no prevailing data regarding artificial sweeteners that states risk to human’s health once consumed. But for those specific individual that considers this issue, the Quest Nutrition Products only uses natural line of sweetener like erythritol and stevia to address your concerns concern effectively and accordingly.

Quest Nutrition Products can be taken to limit hunger while containing 20grms of good proteins. It also contains high level of fiber that helps the body in achieving good digestive tract. This is the best way for you to get fiber and protein since this avoids you in craving for fatty foods.

KIJINI – Unlock the Secrets of Your Voice


Introducing KIJINI, the revolutionary new App that transforms your phone into a mobile wellness consultant! KIJINI represents a huge leap in technology and understanding of human physiology and vibration.

Just by speaking into your phone or tablet, KIJINI can analyze the frequencies in your voice, and not only tell you about your hidden personality characteristics, but also reveals the health of your body’s systems through nutrient and biochemical frequency analysis – all through the voice!

Instantly providing a report detailing the frequency equivalents correlating to Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Neurotransmitters, Amino Acids, and much more, KIJINI will change the way you approach health and understand the body.

How is this possible? Go to to find out all about the science behind KIJINI!

KIJINI has many aspects. Inside there are apps for Personality, Nutrition analysis, Muscles and Vertebra, Energy, Diet, and Detox. In the future we will be releasing a Pro version of the apps, as well as many more modules that will help people of all ages improve health and achieve optimal potential!

We are launching an Indiegogo campaign beginning May 18th.
We are inviting everyone we know to join us in supporting this ground-breaking technology so that we can get this into your hands! You can help by liking our Facebook page below, and sharing KIJINI with your friends and family

On May 18th our campaign opens its doors, and you can give KIJINI the support it needs to be one of the most successful campaigns ever! We will be offering huge discounts and special offers for supporters. Refer your friends and be one of the lucky few who receive a special BioAcoustic Healing Retreat, or free training to be a BioAcoustic practitioner!

Look Great Without the Knife


Everyone has little imperfections about themselves that they would like to change. Maybe you wish those “elevens” between your brows were just a little less noticeable. Or maybe you just can’t seem to shed off that last bit of your saddlebags no matter how much you diet or exercise. Back in the day, people would go to a plastic surgeon and have drastic procedures done just to try and correct these minor issues. Not anymore.

Today, there are advanced procedures that correct the issue at hand without subjecting the patient to invasive surgery. These procedures are more affordable than surgeries and require little to no recovery time. Did you know without surgery you can still…

Smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Lines and wrinkles are inevitable. As we age, our skin changes and creases. Environmental factors like sun and pollution exposure can exacerbate these changes, meaning some of us start showing fine lines much younger than others. If you want to fill these depressions, there are a few options to choose from. Many women turn to dermal fillers to plump up lines and return to the smoother complexion of their early years.

Women choose fillers because they are as effective as they are easy to implement. They help restore the tissue in and around your lips, cheeks, and eye area with a simple injection. Most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a component already found in your skin. They can last up to 9 months without a touch up, depending on the area the dermal fillers are treating. However, even with the touch-ups, they are a much more affordable and safer option than a surgical lifting procedure.

Target & reduce body fat all over your body.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, finding the time to eat healthy and go to the gym can be a luxury. Unfortunately, sometimes the price we pay to do it all is a pound or two gained in a problem area of the body. Whether it’s your hips, thighs or abdomen, you can’t fix these areas with target exercise. If you follow the diet and exercise route, you have to combine clean eating with a mix of cardio and weight training over a long period of time to slowly lose those pounds. But what if there is a quicker way to target that fat?

With procedures like CoolSculpting, a trained dermatologist uses a non-invasive applicator to cool and destroy fat cells on the desired area of treatment. The procedure takes a few hours and is a safer, easier way to get rid of fat than liposuction or other surgical procedures.

If you’re interested in non-surgical options for skin or body correction, contact Ochs Dermatology in San Antonio.

Top 4 Reason Why I Prescribe Patent Formula


Patients often ask me if there is a difference between taking raw herbs vs. taking patent formulas. Questions like:

Is one better than the other?
Are they going to get more potency by cooking the herbs and drink the tincture themselves?
Is taking patent formula violating the essence of holistic medicine?
The answer to that question really depends on who you ask. A more traditional practitioner would insist raw or else. For a pragmatist like myself, I always prescribe ready-made patent formula, because they are far more suited for modern life style. Now, it is important to remind the readers that the patent formula are made from raw herbs, so just because they look like pills does not mean you are taking pills. The difference is someone has done the preparation and packaging for you as opposed to preparing it yourself. Certainly there are pros and cons to both approaches, and I am certainly not saying you should never cook raw herbs yourself, so let me at least give you my detailed rationales, and I will let you be the judge.

#1 Control

All the patent formula capsules or powders are made from raw herbs just as if you were to cook them yourself at home. The manufacture process generally entails cooking the herbs into tincture in batches and then evaporating the tinctures to extract their active ingredients. The resultant granules or powders from reputable manufacturers carry high concentration of active ingredients per gram or per capsule. And this makes it easy to increase (or decrease) the amount needed for each patient by simply scaling up (or down) the numbers and frequencies of capsules intakes.

#2 Quality of Herb Source

The origin and quality of the herbs a another issue to consider.

Most people who embrace and utilize herbal medicine are usually the same group who are attentive to the origin and quality of their food, namely, they are more likely to buy organic produces for obvious reasons. However, there is no telling where the raw herbs came from, how they were harvested and processed. The unfortunate fact is that the raw herb trade is a super low margin agriculture business that simply does not have the means to offer that level of quality assurance that we are trained to expect from high-end retailers like your local organic grocers or the big one based in Austin.

However, on the other hand, major patent formula producers do have the means to monitor and control their supplies and through their purchasing power, influence and dictate the level of quality from their growers and suppliers. And the nature of a competitive market forces these patent formula manufacturers to look after their own interests by assuming the responsibilities of assuring the quality of their herb source. As consumers, we ultimately end up paying more for these products, however, it gives us a layer of built-in protection and certainty that is unavailable through raw herbs. It is also important for practitioners to identify and work only with the manufacturers who adhere to a strict quality standard.

Having said that, I believe it is the practitioners professional responsibilities to identify the best available manufacturers on behalf of the patients and to make their offerings available at the most economical prices, and help patients understand why they are taking the formulas, how much they should take and for how long. This is a standard practice amongst the pharmacists, and I think the herbalist community should recognize that as best practice and incorporate that accordingly.

#3 You Got Time to Cook?

How many people cook regularly? Or perhaps a better question might be: would you cook if you had time or the energy? If you are like most people, your time and energy is a precious commodity. You probably barely have a chance to prepare a home made meal for yourself or your love ones. Your standard breakfast is coffee on the go; lunch a burrito or a salad from an eatery near work, and your typical dinner is more likely to be take-out, pre-made, or left-over. If that is the case for you, honestly, how much time can you allocate to cook yourself a herbal tincture, especially when you are not doing well (often a part of the reasons why you are taking herbal medicines).

In an advanced developed society like that in the US, where patients seeking treatments from infectious disease due to poor sanitation or infection is low. So aside from season cold or flu, a large portion of patients taking herbal medicine are dealing with dysfunction brought on by a hectic and stressful life style, and a practitioner needs to be mindful of practicality of his prescription. When I was in the school clinic, the clinic supervisors always prescribed raw herbs to the patients, mostly out of dogma and reverence to tradition. The patients generally did not reject their raw herb prescription, however, in their ensuing visits, they almost always confessed that they never even opened the package, let alone cooked them as prescribed. The number one excuse was always: I was too busy or I didn’t have the time. If a patient does not take the medication as prescribed, then we as practitioners have essentially failed to make a difference for the patient. Had we recognize the practical limitation imposed by modern life style, we should have prescribed patent formulas whenever applicable. It makes it easy for the patient to not to forget and thus achieve the ultimate therapeutic goal.

#4 Taster’s Test

Last but not least, lets be honest, most of the herbal tincture… Wait, I’ll correct that by saying almost ALL of the herbal tinctures taste awful. I hate it. It is hard for me to tolerate the sight and scent of many of them, let alone drinking them. Furthermore, because of the horrid taste, it is possible your digestive system to rebel against the tincture in the form of nausea, diarrhea, or upset stomach.

The thought of taking something so horrendous also stresses me out, and I definitely don’t need additional stress, especially when I am sick. I want to be able to relax and to give myself a chance to convalesce. I want to feel like I am being cared for, not abused. So making me drink nasty herbal tincture does not make me feel good, especially when I know I can almost always find a patent formula that is at least equally effect or better.

And don’t tell me that “the more bitter the medicine, the better it is for me, I know better. You are not fooling me. And why do you think there is licorice (Gan Cao) in almost every Chinese herbal formula? Sure, the text says they are included to harmonize different ingredients. But honest, WTF does harmonize mean? Well, I tell you what it means… Licorice is one of very few things that is sweet in places that did not have access to sugar canes, like northern China from centuries past! So licorice was included to helps make the nasty tincture go down just a little bitty tiny easier.

I like my patients, and I want them to feel better after seeing me. I don’t want them to endure the hardship of drinking raw herbs – there is no reason for that. I prescribe patent formulas from my trusted vendors for myself and my patients. I’ll take them happily with a cup of warm water without protestation. I’ll go to bed and feel better soon….

Are You Making this Critical Blood Sugar Levels Mistake?


Whats the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia?

Many people do not understand the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.
Hyper means high and hypo means low. So hyperglycemia is too high a blood sugar level and hypoglycemia is too low a blood sugar level.Our blood sugar levels fluctuate depending on our actions, thoughts or even our environment. A healthy body releases hormones in response to changing blood sugar levels to most effectively utilize the sugar and to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.
For various reasons some individuals’ systems lack the ability to release the correct hormones or to respond effectively to them. These inabilities result in either hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.


Having high levels of blood glucose is an indication that your body is not producing enough insulin or is insulin-resistant. There can be different causes of hyperglycemia including stress, and lack of exercise.
Hyperglycemia can also occur if you have Type 1 Diabetes and miss taking any of your diabetes medications.
However the most common cause is eating more carbohydrate-rich foods than the body can handle. There are also cases when a person experiences hyperglycemia as one of the side effects to some other pills that you are taking.

This is why it is very important to consult your doctor first before taking any other drugs. If you notice yourself feeling too tired and thirsty, feeling sick to your stomach, urinating more often and having blurry vision then it is possible that your blood glucose has exceeded safe levels. You must consult your health care provider and describe the symptoms. Simple tests can be done and necessary changes to your meal plans and diabetes medicines can be made.


If your blood glucose falls below 70 mg/dl, you are considered hypoglycemic and your blood glucose levels are too low. In some cases hypoglycemia may pose serious health consequences, immediately and in the longer term. If your blood sugar levels drop too quickly immediate medical attention may be required as it can lead to convulsions and unconsciousness.

Some causes of hypoglycemia can include skipping or delaying meals, not eating enough carbohydrate-rich foods, prolonged physical exertion and excessive alcohol drinking. Medications for other health problems may also provide side effects that lead to lowered levels of blood glucose.

Symptoms of low blood glucose levels are feelings of anxiousness, irritability, tiredness, numbness around the mouth, slurred speech, feeling shaky, weak and hungry. You may also experience profuse sweating and headaches.
If you experience any, or especially a combination of these symptoms, it would be wise to have your health care professional do an assessment. That is the trouble with blood sugar levels
Keeping Balanced Blood Glucose Levels

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