How Scared Should You Be of Back Surgery?

I was talking to my doctor today and I am thinking that I probably end up seeking a second opinion. I try not to look like a coward, but this is the sort of thing that I am definitely afraid of. It is not very simple for me to figure out how much comfort I can take when the physician calls this procedure minimally invasive spine surgery. That seems like something that happens to some other person if you ask me. It is not a minor surgery when you are the one who is getting the knife in the back. At least that is how I feel about it. Continue reading “How Scared Should You Be of Back Surgery?”

The Dangers of Cosmetic Treatments

Many women have become victims of horrible cosmetic treatmentsand suffered serious complications when trying to modify their appearance cosmetically. There are many personal injury claims filed by patients who have gravely suffered at the hands of inexperienced cosmetic surgeons. Numerous celebritieshave experiencedseveral cosmetic surgery mishaps, leaving them severely disfigured. These famous stars include Donatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Mickey Rourke, Scott Thompson, La Toya Jackson and manyothers who can be ‘Googled’ only to be foundcategorised under’Top 10 worst celebrity plastic surgery mishaps.’Several women become social outcasts due to their disfigured faces or bodies,which dramatically changestheir lifestyle.

Cosmetic treatments of any kind are clearly dangerous and sometimes life-threatening in the case of former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano who died after a legal operation involving buttock implants and injections. People tend to ignore the potential dangers involved in getting a tummy tuck or having buttock implants to that of a kidney stone operation, whichmight be needed medically. Not all cosmetic treatments tend to go right but when things start to go wrong a person can transform drastically from looking normal to ending up extremely disfigured or even dead. Although you might be able to make personal injury claims but the disfiguration is permanent and cannot be reversed. Cosmetic treatments range from facelifts, cheek implants, nose job to breast & buttock implants, tummy tuck and much more.

Common favourites at many salons include microdermabrasion and glycolic acid peels that might not actually be as beneficial as thought before. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin to remove fine lines, clear skin and remove any signs of ageing. Whereas glycolic acid peels gently removes the top layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production in order to make the new skin supple. However, claims from many women who have undergone these cosmetic treatments speak of its ‘charms’ otherwise. Instead of making their skin look younger and brighter, it has thinned their skin and caused it to blacken. Such cosmetic treatments have a reverse effect and those who are hooked on them experience broken veins, uneven lined skin, acne and dark pigmentation spots over time. This might be a good time to consider making any personal injury claims.

Another popular cosmetic treatment application is hair dye, millions of women regularly dye their hair and the market for such products is worth £175m in the UK alone. However, over the years, hair dyes have been associated with cancer but there isn’t strong evidence to prove this myth. The highest risks involved dying your hair involves dark-coloured, permanent dyes, whichareused every four to six weeks. On the other hand, certain studies have found traces of PPD or para-Phenylenediamine in dark hair dyes. It has been reported that can be carcinogenic over long-term application combined with hydrogen peroxide. Other researchers have linked the chemicals found in hair dyes damage the immune system and trigger rheumatoid arthritis.

Various other cosmetic treatments can cause serious damage to internal organs as well as external features of a person. It is crucial to re-consider your decision for undergoing any cosmetic surgery or treatment in the hopes of enhancing your appearance.

Many cosmetic clinics will insistyou sign a disclaimer, but if there is clear evidence of negligence then a solid claim will bear fruit.

Being Beautiful with the help of a Live Chat Room


Everyone who was born after the 1990’s might have never experience the early days of Internet audio/video streaming begin in the mid 1990’s. It was a time consuming and lengthy process of constant waiting. In order to play a 15 minutes video streaming, we have to wait, sometimes almost to an hour, for the streaming file to be played completely. Most of times, we look at the media player kept sending “buffering” message.

Thanks to stiff competition from technology giants, we as end users receive benefits the most. The evolution from real media player to windows media player, and moving flash player and now an HTML5 technology have truly benefited us most.

HTML5 with its enormous support for multimedia has opened the door for a great possibility of Internet multimedia streaming. Optimizing the same HTML5 technology as media delivery, a html chat room for live streaming is also possible.
Not only possible, the technology is now at hand to help people in need.


Insight Into Chat Room for Live Streaming

As a social creature, human being has a tendencies to interact with others. Human lives depend on other human being ever since our infant live. We have witnessed the rise of Facebook as social media network, followed by Twitter and Instagram that recently has reached 400 million users mark. If we notice the vast growth of users in social media, that gives us true evidence of the needs to communicate as human being. It gives us understanding of human are not a solitary being, we have a very strong needs to communicate with other fellow human being where chat room for live streaming can accommodate that needs.

Desire to communicate with fellow human remains the same from the ancient time until now. One thing that constantly change is in a medium to convey message that evolve across time. That is why, although a media streaming has advanced to the level like what we witnessed today, chat room for live streaming is still required. It is because, a live streaming audio and video will never satisfied basic human desire to talk and engage in a conversation. They need to talk to someone and involve in a conversation.


20150525_1139Needs of Chat Room for Live Streaming

Nicholas Kristakis, an American physician whom also a sociologist known for his research on social media, in his 2009 book “Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives” stated how behavior can be spread and emotion can be contagious through social media.

Kristakis is known for its controversial article in New England Journal of Medicine about the spread of obesity over the Internet that has been around for 32 years. The article was published in 2007, and describe of obesity in America becoming a widespread because people with obesity tend to connect with people with the same problem and creating a huge network of obese people. With Internet, such network can becoming larger and larger.
We can use the Internet and people desire for a much better function. A broadcasted video with educational purpose can equip themselves with chat room for live streaming during the broadcast.

Let us, for an example, use Kristakis report about network of obese people as a case study. People with obesity who consider obesity as the problem will seek way to lose weight and gain proportional body. As always, the first who respond quickly for such needs is television. We have seen many TV program directed to people with obesity as their target audience. Those programs are available in a wide range from instructional program, reality show, variety show that encourage people to find solution for obesity.

However, without creating a network of people with the same problem to communicate, even the most sophisticated program will never have a great impact. Considering the spread of obesity was caused by a social network, then a way to help people with obesity must utilize more advanced media. Internet should take place in social media network to help people. With HTML5 chat and multimedia streaming technology, it is possible to provide with educational video plus a chat room for live streaming. Thus it will double the impact.


Fighting Obesity with Chat Room for Live Streaming

Physicians, nutritionists and people with interest to fight obesity can join together utilizing chat room for live streaming to fight obesity. Instructional video broadcasted live, accompanied with a chat room can engage more people to join the network and being together to achieve the same goal: fighting obesity.

Internet streaming technology and chat room for live streaming are the only media fully equipped to fill the gap where no other media can do. Its instructional video will provide guideline to people fighting obesity, while the chat room for live streaming enable people with the same obesity problem to communicate, share their experience and lighten the burden, knowing they fight together.

In the end, technology as product of human invention should be employed to help human achieving a better quality of life.

Oxy Bump Corporation’s Oxygen-Based Line Creates a New Category of Nasal/Throat Care


Miami FL – Oxy Bump Corporation’s new line of groundbreaking oxygen-infused products are now available in stores nationwide, including Target: Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion Nasal Spray, Oxy Bump Hay Fever/Allergy Nasal Spray, Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu Nasal Spray and Oxy Bump Sore Throat Spray. With this success, Oxy Bump takes a giant step in awakening this otherwise sleepy sector, effectively creating a new category of oxygen-based products strategically positioned between OTC (over-the-counter) medications and simple saline solutions. Oxy Bump’s award-winning line of products contains the world’s first and only oxygen-infused nasal and throat sprays.

“We’re thrilled that Oxy Bump is now widely available to help millions of people experience rapid relief– but without the side effects and contraindication concerns associated with OTC and prescription medications,” stated Oxy Bump founders Shamila Hunter and Lissa Charron.

The oxygen-powered effectiveness of Oxy Bump is distinguished by an attention-grabbing bottle design, which was awarded with an NACD Gold. Executed by leading package developer TricorBraun, Oxy Bump creates colorful, eye-catching presentations that immediately capture shopper interest. Combined with innovative outer-packaging conceptualized by The Wahlrich Group, award-winning designers of the L’Eggs Eggs and Fiji water bottle, the line has a sharp contemporary design and vibrant color pops unique to the otherwise staid sinus/allergy category.


The Oxy Bump Advantage

The essential source of Oxy Bump’s globally acclaimed and clinically-verified benefits is oxygen itself, which is good for everyone young or old. Each Oxy Bump product is formulated with a super concentrate of oxygen in a safe and stable saline solution that is readily recognized and absorbed by the body, and delivers a potent boost of oxygen that improves overall health, as well as cleanses, moisturizes and reduces congestion.

A crowd favorite, the original Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion nasal spray is 100% all-natural, non-medicated stuffy-nose-relief that is clean, tasteless, and fast-acting so you can breathe clearly and quickly. Brand new to the market, Oxy Bump Hay Fever/Allergy, Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu, and Oxy Bump Sore Throat are all a powerful infusion of oxygen and homeopathics that are unlike anything else on the market and made from the finest sourced natural elements of mineral and plant extracts.

As with all Oxy Bump products, they are pH balanced and non-addictive and can be used as much as needed without risk of overuse and have no adverse side-effects — which is of growing importance for many of today’s health-conscious consumers, who are increasingly demanding wellness products that are safe, family-friendly, and suitable for everyday use.

Oxy Bump products are rated #1 in travel wellness retail and are considered a “must have” by everyone from busy moms to high-performance athletes to health professionals. Oxy Bump fans include 2-time Super Bowl Champ Jeremy Shockey, Miami City Ballet Principal Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg, Kettlenetics fitness pioneer Michelle Khai, and NYU School of Medicine’s Bert Petersen, MD.

Added Hunter and Charron: “By far the most common feedback we get after people try Oxy Bump is a wide-eyed: `This stuff really works!’ We look forward to hearing that many times as we join forces with our retail partners to create millions of new Oxy Bump fans!”

Additional details on Oxy Bump’s line of products, FAQs, information on verified consumer reviews, and more are available at For all other information including media inquiries and interview requests, contact us via email or (305) 573-9465.


About Oxy Bump

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Oxy Bump Corporation is a minority-owned company led by its female founders Shamila Hunter and Lissa Charron. Spreading the power of oxygen for almost two decades, the company is recognized as the global innovator and pioneer of the retail oxygen industry.

Learn more at


Oxy Bump Corporation

4700 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 404
Miami, FL 33137



(305) 573-9465

GoWild Casino – New Mobile Slots With 3D Graphics

GoWild is one of the registered and licensed gaming companies in Malta which is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is the first micro gaming casino that incorporates live dealers to the gaming. It involves multiple favorite table games that work under the 60 dealers in the worldwide. The main motive of GoWild casino is keeping the players to feel happy and enjoying their outstanding gaming experience through effective customer service and casino promotions. The micro gaming from GoWild is the largest mobile slots and games that provide lot of similar online slot games to the players. The great thing about these online slots is available with advanced feature of 3D graphics which attracts many gamers to use. The Online Slots at GoWild Casino – Start winning now includes plenty of micro gaming casinos such as immortal romance bonus game, playboy mobile slot and blockbuster games and more.

The GoWild casino bonus is really impressive that can provide variety of new bonus and offers which are available for gamers to claim when it is needed. For every new comer, it gives 150 free spins welcome bonus which is automatically deposited into their account for using it. If you are looking for awesome micro gaming casinos then approach Online Slots at GoWild Casino-Start winning now and getting lots of casino bonuses on your mobile platform to play more effectively. The benefits of using GoWild community is getting lots of android casino apps and beautiful selection of mobile casino games including jackpot, video slots, poker and so on. The amazing thing is games are very fast and quick to access play by using various options. If you are facing any issues while access casino games here, then technical team will help you to solve your issues and get you response within 10 minutes.

Chin Lift Facts

Where once cosmetic procedures seemed unattainable for a lot of people, development in technology and techniques has meant they are now not only a genuine option but also affordable too. One of these procedures that are becoming ever more popular for both men and women is the chin lift. If a chin lift is something that has been playing on your mind and you are interested in learning more, then take a look at the below list of chin lift facts to help you get your head around the procedure.




A Chin Lift and Neck Lift Are the Same

You might see a lot about neck lifts when searching for chin lift information and that is because they are essentially the same procedure called by a different name. Surgeons will often carry out slight variations in the technique depending on the extent of the work needed and what the desired results are and this involves them working on the neck area to help make the chin and jaw more pronounced. The end result is significant improvement in a client’s appearance and youthfulness.


They Are Most Common With Overs 40s

A chin lift is ideal for anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of his or her neck and jaw; this tends to be more common as we age and therefore we see anyone between the ages of 40 and 80 having the procedure.

A lot of people find themselves in this position because the neck area is one that we tend to inadvertently ignore until the signs of ageing or a double chin are actually upon us. There are a variety of reasons that people become unhappy with the appearance of their neck, whether it is just general ageing, sun damage, and fat build up or drastic weight loss. The neck area is often one that is ignored in people’s beauty routines, but it should be treated with the same products that you use on your face to help keep it looking youthful and healthy. Of course the skin naturally loses elasticity over time and it is natural to see signs of ageing. All these factors and more can make our skin loose its elasticity and sag and a chin lift is ideal for anyone in this position.


It Is a Common Procedure

The procedure for a chin lift is usually an incision made both in front of and behind the earlobe, then any excess fat or skin is removed from the neck and in some cases the neck muscles are altered. The result is that the patient’s jaw line becomes more defined and the chin and neck are more noticeable. In some cases the surgeon will perform an incision under the chin and this can help to correct the underlying muscles. The patient is under full anesthetic during the surgery and generally the procedure takes around 2 hours depending on the work required.



It Drastically Changes Your Appearance

The obvious benefit to chin lift surgery is that you no longer have the unattractive loose skin that was sitting around your jawline. Instead you will have a youthful and tight neck area and these results in taking years off your appearance. This type of procedure is commonly combined with several others to create a facelift effect, it is by no means a new procedure and therefore there is very little risk involved in it. This is also a form of surgery that is fairly simple to hide post-operation. By simply wearing scarves or turtlenecks you needn’t worry about people noticing you have had work done. Compare this to the bruising of the likes of eye or nose surgery and it is a fairly discrete procedure.


The Expected Recovery Time

The recovery time for a chin lift takes anywhere from around 10 to 14 days depending on the extent of the surgery and how well the patients look after themselves.


There Are No Real Side-Effects

A chin lift is somewhat of an invasive surgery so it is important to look after yourself in the recovery period to ensure you limit the risk of infection. It isn’t uncommon for the area to feel tight and stiff for a few days but this passes as the body recovers.


Visibility of Scarring is Minimal

As with any surgery there is also the initial scarring with chin lift, but these fade over time and with the right treatment. However a talented surgeon should be able to make sure the appearance of these scars is minimal and also hidden as much as possible.

Experts Agree, Pediatric Dental Care Should Start within 1 Year for Infants to Save Money and Build Better Habits

For new parents anywhere, it isn’t uncommon that pediatric dentistry can often get placed on the back-burner for  a year or even more. But dentists everywhere agree that diligent and proactive dental care for children actively leads to a better and healthier life.


In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry , American Dental Association , American Public Health Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all agree that it is important that “all children have their first dental visit during the first year of life”


Doing so not only helps to install the foundation for better oral care, but can also prevent children from missed school. poor performance, sickness, and even death.


The Consequence of Waiting

According to a study published by the Surgeon General, Dental caries [rotten teeth] in children is the most prevalent disease of childhood, occurring 5 to 8 times more frequently than asthma.” Continuing into adolescence,  this effects of rotten teeth and cavities go beyond pain and discomfort. While serious dental problems can even cause death, untreated dental issues most often lead to the sort of pain and discomfort that actively hinders a child’s performance in school, through  both lack of attention and absence. As the Surgeon General says, absense to treat these issues does not have the same effect.


How Early Pediatric Dentistry Can Save You Money

There are many studies that support the reality that early, preventative pediatric dentistry makes long-term dental care most cost effective for families. Long story short: pay a little for your child’s dentist now (even if you don’t have dental insurance) and save a lot more in the long term. In addition to instilling good habits early on, there are also more technical reasons as well. For instance, in the “Early Preventative Dental Tech Brief” published by the Pediatric Oral health and Research Center “Folic acid supplementation beginning before conception and continued for the first 10-12 weeks can result in dramatically fewer neural tube defects among infants and the cost reductions are immense.”


The Bottom Line: Save More and Suffer Less

Studies have shown that parents of children who have more preventative pediatric dental visits have fewer emergency and non-preventative dental visits, ultimately helping their families save more and live with better oral health. On top of this, the age at the first preventive dental visit had a significant positive effect on dentally-related expenditures, with the average dentally related costs being less for children who received earlier preventive care. They have also shown that the average dental-related cost is typically less for children who are accustomed to earlier and more proactive dental care.  


So, if you were looking for a reason to take your infant or toddler to the dentist — don’t think twice! Not only will it help them build good oral habits in the future, but it can also reduce absences from school while also saving you money in the long run.

Medical Tourism in Incredible India!


Today’s medical tourists diverge from the historical pattern of health tourism in 3 prominent ways: the prior and concern reason amongst them is like, they tend to travel from wealthy countries to developing countries (a reversal of flow), and they are motivated by different factors, namely, by lower costs. Patients are drawn abroad by newer (often unproven) procedures performed in some developing countries, the entertaining opportunity to circumvent long wait times, and the added bonus of a vacation(Fun factor). Most medical tourists travel on their own accord and pay out of budget for their respective health services, with the only exception being “outsourced” patients sent by their insurers to get treatment globally

The most recent and hot trend in privatization of healthcare services is medical tourism, which is creating the significant achievement in developing countries like India. Globalization has promoted a consumer needed based culture, thereby promoting goods and services that can feed the aspirations arising from this culture. This has changed the aspect of the medical healthcare sector, with the entry of the corporate. In this background, corporate interests in the Medical Care sector are looking for opportunities that go beyond the limited domestic “market” for high cost medical care. This is the genesis of the “medical tourism” industry.


Internationally there are several countries in which this sector is serving healthcare solution successfully. From the world class healthcare destinations in complex the countries like India , Costa Rica, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States are grabbing the major attention in the medical tourism sector.


What ambitious about this countries?

  • Government and private sector investment in the healthcare solutions.
  • Demonstrable commitment to international accreditation, transparency of outcomes and quality assurance,
  • International patient flow is drastically appealing.
  • Potential for cost effective on medical procedures.
  • Social stabilities along with Political transparency.
  • Excellent tourism infrastructure and vacation add on .


What are the top Healthcare facilities for medical tourist?

  • Aesthetic(Beauty & Cosmetic surgery)
  • Dentistry (general, restorative, cosmetic)
  • Cardiovascular (angioplasty, CABG, transplants)
  • Orthopedics (joint and spine; sports medicine)
  • Cancer (often high-acuity or last resort)
  • Reproductive (fertility, IVF, women’s health)
  • Weight loss (LAP-BAND, gastric bypass)

How much can you save?

Analyzing the cost from US across a versatile specialties and fundamental procedures as a benchmark, average range of savings the incurring cost for the most-traveled targeted destinations:

  • India: 65-90% (Prior Location)
  • Brazil: 20-30%
  • Costa Rica: 45-65%
  • Malaysia: 65-80%
  • Mexico: 40-65%
  • Singapore: 25-40%
  • South Korea: 30-45%
  • Taiwan: 40-55%
  • Thailand: 50-75%
  • Turkey: 50-65%



The number of patients traveling globally today varies widely among reports (from 60,000 to 50 million medical tourists worldwide), in part due to differing definitions of the term “medical tourist.” figuratively all, however, agree that the industry is enhancing. In India alone, the number of tourists was predicted to rise round figure 100,000 in 2002 to over 1 million in 2012. India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%, making it a $2 billion industry by 2015. An estimated figure of 1,50,000 travels to India for low-priced healthcare procedures every year. The Indian government predicts that India’s $17-billion-a-year health-care industry could grow 13 per cent in each of the next six years, boosted by medical tourism, which industry watchers say is growing at 30 per cent annually.

Why India?

The medical tourism industry is now becoming the most lucrative source of hard currency for destination countries where India is the prior option globally. Its annual growth potential has regularly been estimated above 25% for LMICs such as India. There has been a unique and significant provision and serving the healthcare at a premium for foreign patients and using the difference to subsidize care for locals at a non-profit hospital in India.

The “Cost” is the prominent advantage which is a major selling point. As The popular slogan, thus is, “First World treatment’ at Third World prices”. The cost differential across the worldwide is drastically huge: Open-heart surgery could cost up to $70,000 in Britain and up to $150,000 in the US; in India’s best hospitals it could cost between $3,000 and $10,000. Knee surgery (for the both knees) costs around 350,000 INR ($7,700) specifically in India; in Britain this costs £10,000 ($16,950), more than twice as much. Cosmetic surgeries, Eye and Dental and in Western countries cost three to four times as much as comparatively in India.

India offers most of the significant medical treatment in the world. The privatization in the hospital sector has a fabulous reputation and India’s health care category has sustained excellent boom in recent years. India is now a International health designated country, where the medical tourism growing by 30 % every dynamic year.

Despite any prejudices about healthcare in developing countries like India, rest assured that the private hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics in India are at the forefront of medical technology and equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled medical personnel.  Indian surgeons and doctors are considerably best in the world and their highest ecstasy of surgical expertise evolves from many years of training.

Low price treatment in India

Healthcare facilities in India are among the most cost-efficient in the world with private hospitals offering treatment at a fraction of the price of those in more affluent nations. Breast augmentation costs around €2,200; a facelift will cost approximately around €3,000.

As a medical tourist to India you can book package deals which include flights, transfers, hotels, treatment and often a post-operative vacation. This enables you to take advantage of the ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines and alternative rejuvenating retreats involving yoga, meditation or naturopathy.

Prior Healthcare & Emerging locations in India

The precious medical hot spots in India are Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Ludhiana, Chennai and Hyderabad. International flights come into the 17 major airports, which are spread across this vast country.

India has a tropical climate with high temperatures and dry winters and the best time to visit is between October and March as the monsoon is apparent throughout the country between May to September.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic surgical Treatment) sector in Medical tourism

There are a lot of different medical/surgical options for medical tourists. Primarily, medical tourists get elective procedures such as aesthetic treatments(cosmetic surgery) which includes Hair transplantation, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments; any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home country.

In India hair loss problem is growing day by day and as the people are concerned about their looks they are getting it treated. ClinicSpots a Juggernaut in medical industry has taken giant step in treating hair loss problem and baldness of people across India. Famous in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad ClinicSpots has its root in almost every city in India.

ClinicSpots provides the best Hair transplant where you get detailed description of clinics and doctors, so that it allows you to search, compare and co-ordinate your medical treatments with trusted clinics. All this is provided for no charge!  As per our privacy policy, we ensure that we do not misuse any of our user’s personal data and it will remain highly confidential. is a premier online health care provider having shorter waiting times.

To sum up, our mission at is innovation and convenience rolled in one in the field of healthcare. Our vision is to help provide the best health care facilities to everyone in need. And our core values are convenience, quality care and privacy.

Avail the services of and be assured of only satisfaction and happiness!

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Stop The Germs From Spreading With Safe Cough

Some coughs, like those caused by asthma or lung disease, need to be treated with specific medicines. Coughing starts when part of the airway in the lung becomes inflamed or irritated. Continual coughing can quickly affect the throat (making it sore) and can put a strain on both the back and chest muscles. When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and/or mouth. Safe Cough is the best way to stop the germs from spreading.  With all the germs you may have picked up from the floor, surely you don’t wish to ingest them into your system.

The creative geniuses behind a leading name in innovative companies, MacVrs Group, is ready to launch their one of kind germs spread stopper named “Safe Cough”™. Safe Cough is a lightweight, recyclable, compact filtering device which helps stop the spread of germs and other air borne viruses and bacteria associated with the common cold and influenza.

You simply wear it on your middle finger allowing the compact unit to rest inside your palm. Then, when you feel a cough coming on, you cough into the mouthpiece of Safe Cough™. Once your cough enters the unit, 99.9% of your germs will be divided through 100 air holes and filtered through an activated bamboo charcoal reduction filter (which are commonly used in air purifiers or a water bottle) that will ultimately result in safe, clean air exiting the SafeCough™.

When not in use, SafeCough™ just rests snug and comfortable on the inside of your palm, not interfering with any of your daily activities.
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