Hair Loss Protocol 101

Hair Loss Protocol 101 – By Jared Gates

The Rebuild Hair Program is a supplement product that is designed to for both men and women and helps to mitigate the effects of certain hormones in the body that lead to balding. Furthermore, the program comprised of an all-natural regime and is highly affordable and convenient as compared to the conventional cures for balding.

Hair-Loss-ProtocolJared Gates, who claims to have cured his balding complications just by using a set of all natural strategies, created this particular program. Simply put, The Hair Loss Protocol 101 is the culmination of all the knowledge he accumulated when researching for the ideal cure for baldness.

How does It Work?

Whereas conventional cures for balding such as transplants are expensive and somewhat painful, this Protocol 101 program comprises of natural and non-painful techniques. To be specific, the program works to control the effects of DHT, which is a male hormone that is believed to be the primary cause of balding. It claims to do so with the help of a well-designed diet regimen that helps disrupt the productions of DHT that in turn triggers the productions of 5-alpha reductase.

DHT shrinks the hair follicles making it next to impossible for healthy hair to survive. The process whereby male androgens are converted to DHT, that then inhibits the hair follicles occurs in both women and men. According to a recent study by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, people with high levels of DHT were more likely to become bald than those with minimal levels of the same steroid. In most cases, women have a small fraction of androgens as compared to men, but even a small amount can lead to DHT-triggered hair loss in women.

It is important to note that androgen production and the health of the hair follicles are closely interlinked. The main part of the hair follicle is referred to as the dermal papilla that is found at the base of the hair follicle where there are many androgen receptors as well. However, when DHT gets to the dermal papilla area, it disrupts its capability to absorb nutrients, thus leading to the inconsistent development of hair.


· The program is affordable

· It comprises of all natural strategies

· The protocol 101 program is readily available online

· The program with additions such as guides, instructions and lists


Finally, balding is complications that affect many people worldwide. The best suggestion is to invest in a program such as Hair Loss Protocol 101, that is not only affordable but is an all natural program that has exemplary results for the user.

Psychological benefits of floatation therapy


Floatation therapy is an alternative health niche that has paved it’s way as an independent means of treatment for many conditions. Although the science is yet to catch up on the benefits, people have been using floatation tanks for psychological benefits since at least the 1970’s.


Once a fringe group of treatments with little reputation, the sometimes extreme benefits when it comes to improved creativity, improvements in stress relief, general anxiety relief and a lessening of phobia symptoms is a main reason people are seeking out this type of service in the modern day.


The session begins with you and the floatation tank, often in isolation (an earlier alternate name for the tanks used was isolation tanks) with nothing but yourself floating in the sound proof and dark tank. During the first 20 minutes or so, you become aware of your thought processes, you can then take time to realise what stress you are under and then usually decide to stop thinking about them, taking in the moment while experiencing the float, something that is a luxury as the availability of such tanks is not widespread.


Once you are able to float without thought, your sub-concious mind is able to find relief, and from this many benefits are experienced in the realms of motivation, creativity, stress / anxiety relief and sometimes even phobias. Most people report that after a session, they feel extremely relaxed, almost the same as if one was heavily medicated on anti-anxiety sedatives, with this effect lasting up to a month following.


The first session is often getting used to the novelty of floating, adjusting to the experience and learning to calm thoughts, the second session is usually quite different, where by you are somewhat accustomed to the experience and focus more on your thought processes.


It is recommended that in the second session you learn to bring yourself at ease with the tank, moving minimally except for making yourself more comfortable, and place a little more effort on removing intrusive or automatic thoughts. Following this, your future sessions will become much easier, and provide much more benefit to you during such a time.

Most people prefer their second session to be around 2 hours in length, along with subsequent visits. 1 hour is often perfect for a first introduction to the tank and floatation therapy.


It is also extremely important to not go into the tank expecting anything, by entering without expectations on the benefits, you will be much more at ease with the experience, and be able to relax much more easily without stressing about thoughts or feelings you wish to remove during the time you are in there.


I have personally tried floatation therapy, and this is the best general advice I can provide newcomers who are seeking floatation mainly due to extreme stress and anxiety in their daily lives. I went into the tank expecting nothing but a novelty experience, but came out with much more than I had ever thought possible. Keeping this same mindset of non-expectation provides ongoing benefits in future sessions and ensures you get the most out of your floatation tank session.

Coconut oil – the natural solution to skin conditions and much more

So you probably have already heard or read somewhere that coconut oil is great for the skin. What you maybe do not know yet is that it could also be the cure to recurrent skin conditions such as eczema. Yes, it’s official: dermatologists now recognize that coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and an efficient anti-inflammatory, and that is why it is now prescribed as a natural treatment for eczema and dermatitis.


But the benefits of coco nut oil go much beyond skin health:


– another finding is that coco nut oil is rich in lauric acid, the same substance found in breast milk, and is rich in vitamin E, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other essential components for a healthy life.


– coco nut oil decreases hunger, causing the feeling of satiety when taken before meals. It increases the rates of basal metabolism, and thus the expenditure of energy (this effect is attributed to the lauric acid present in the oil). This is one of the reasons why many diets are now based on the ingestion of coconut oil, specially the extra virgin version of it. In Brazil, for example, where the ingestion of coconut oil is widely spread due to the vast amount coconut trees present in its territory, the so called dieta do coco (also known as dieta do oleo) has been extremely popular – and successful – in the last few years.


– it can also lower cholesterol, fight free radicals, balance hormones and reduce the feeling of fatigue. Regarding cholesterol, it is an important source to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good (HDL), helping to protect the heart. Some experts believe that the oil acts doing a kind of ” cleansing ” of the blood. A diet rich in coconut oil is therefore GREAT for health.


And its benefits do not stop here.


– due to the presence of phytohormones, it can also help prevent breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.


– it also helps regulate intestinal functions and strenghten the immunological system.


Last but not least, coconut oil smells great! It has an appealing, pleasant scent. It can remind you of tropical paradises, holidays and margaritas on the beach.


How To Know If Your Child Requires Orthodontics?

Taking care of your child’s teeth is a very important part of parenthood. At Barrhaven Dental in Nepean, Ottawa, we know growing up with healthy teeth can make all the differences in your child’s life. Dental care must start at a young age to stay ahead of the game. Prevention is the best method in respects to dental care. This idea is particularly relevant when speaking about orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments are most successful when administered early, at a young age. How do you know if your child needs them?

Breathing Through The Mouth

Teeth and jaw issues such as an inability to close their lips over crooked teeth can cause this problem. If you do not get treatment for any condition that causes mouth breathing your child is at risk of developing a gummy smile, narrow upper jaw, gingivitis and teeth may not align correctly when the jaw is closed. Orthodontic treatment is effective against all of the above problems.

Teeth That Are Crooked And Crowded

This is most important as the adult teeth begin to come in. If you notice the teeth are crooked or your child mentions discomfort of the mouth, it is time for orthodontics. Options range from very mild correction to severe cases where headgear is required. It all depends on how your child’s teeth are growing in. Remember; fix this problem early before it gets more severe.

Tooth Loss

A possible cause for concern and implementation of orthodontics is if your child is losing baby teeth prematurely. Around the ages of 6-7, it is normal for tooth loss to be happening but if your child is losing teeth much earlier there may be an underlying orthodontic condition present.

Difficulty In Chewing Food

Complaints of sore teeth or gums during eating are often an indicator of a misaligned jaw. The child may be shifting their bite to compensate and it is causing pain. This may sound serious but it’s nothing orthodontic treatments cannot fix.

Thumb Sucking

When you wean your child off of the feeding bottle they often look for a substitute. In this case it normally their thumb or fingers. This should stop around the age of 3 but many children cannot kick the habit. They find it comforting and use it to alleviate stress or boredom. It is essential that your child ceases to thumb suck before their adult teeth begin appearing as the repetitive action will cause teeth to grown in crooked. The upper teeth will begin to angle forwards while the lower teeth become crowded. This can lead to a speech impediment such as lisping. Orthodontic treatment may already be necessary but it is also able to curb the thumb sucking action. Either way, as a parent you must ensure that your child stops sucking their thumb, either through reminders, positive reinforcement or substituting the activity with something else.

The Benefits Of Early Treatment Or Orthodontics

  1. Creates a well aligned jaw with enough space for further adult teeth
  2. Helps create a balanced and aligned bite
  3. Appearance of teeth and mouth is improved
  4. Get rid of unhealthy habits
  5. Speech problems can be corrected (after the appliance is removed of course)
  6. Early adoption will greatly reduce the amount of time of an orthodontic treatment plan

Our professional staff at our Nepean dental office administers all orthodontic treatments. Whether your child requires a bite guard, retainer or braces, Barrhaven Dental has you covered offering the newest techniques and products such as Invisalign braces Nepean.

Health Screening – Calcium Scoring Test

Calcium Scoring Test

Calcium marking take a look at or scans could be a type of computerized axial tomography (CT) done to to ascertain for the build up of the metallic element in plaque developed on the walls of the coronary arteries. This distinctive take a look at checks for the event of Associate in Nursingy cardiopathy in an early stage and additionally determines its severity especially in Calcium Score Malaysia industry

calcium scoring test


Why metallic element marking take a look at is done?

It is confirmed currently that heart diseases square measure serious diseases which will occur at any age or stage of growing. To neglect the guts potency is to ask heart drawback. metallic element marking take a look at proves helpful in,

Detecting the guts diseases at the preliminary stage. because of accumulated fat within the body there’s chance of blockages within the blood vessels. during this take a look at through CT scan, formation or already shaped blockages within the blood vessels is seen.Calcium marking is beneficial for people who have heart drawback or diseases like diabetics, pressure, addiction to smoking.

Those having avoirdupois drawback or people who don’t do exercise ought to sure as shooting do that take a look at.

This examination isn’t suggested for:


Pregnant females

Patients with the renowned arteria sickness, World Health Organization have had a attack, operation, tubing or bypass surgery

When resting pulse is on top of 90-95 beats per minute

Implanted metallic objects within the heart like mechanical heart valves, pacemaker wires, or stents, etc.

So from preventive purpose of read one ought to do that take a look at before any heart drawback arises within the body.

Check out more information in Corporate Screening Packages Malaysia and Beacon Wellness Center Kuala Lumpur Malaysia