Add Monk Mode to Your Routine and Be More Effective

It seems everyone is trying to be more productive and achieve greater results through hacking the mind, body and daily routine. However, we also live in an age of infinite distractions. We carry small screens in our pockets, gateways to the world’s information, but packed full of potentially habit-forming apps that can drain your time and energy with little to show for it at the end of the day.


A new trend has been designed to help practitioners create periods of deep productivity in their lives. It is called Monk Mode and, as the name suggests, is all about going back to basics, so that you can switch off distractions and foster the conditions for extreme attention control.


Create a distraction-free environment for success


The ground rules are that you protect the entire first half of your day by making it completely distraction-free. This enables you to preserve your mental energy for high-energy tasks that require deep focus and commitment. It will also enable you to move towards flow state awareness – the peak experience in which you are completely free from yourself, yet immersed in challenging and highly rewarding work.


If you have any serious goals in life, and are devoted to realising these objectives, then you need to work on them every single day (weekends are included). Elite athletes don’t sleep in on Saturdays or binge on Sundays. Every day is a critical stepping stone towards realising that dream of a medal, a trophy, or even conquering a giant wave. How important your dreams are is up to you to decide, but making a daily commitment to work towards achieving them is the best way to bring them to fruition.


Monk Mode for Employees


Enter Monk Mode. It may sound like a fantasy in our world of distraction and information density. Many organisations even have meetings about meetings – offering environments that are the antithesis of productivity. But Monk Mode can be implemented even by those who are not the boss, or self-employed. Trends show that if employees consistently indicate that afternoons are the best time for meetings, and answer emails after midday, the behavioural patterns quickly become accepted. Obviously, this depends on your exact workplace requirements and role, but if you can’t establish Monk Mode in your life, then maybe you are in the wrong job. Remember, your mornings are precious – they are the time when your brain is primed for productivity. Are your mornings helping you build a legacy you can be proud of?


Just Try It


As a founder, author, artist, executive, or anyone engaged in a serious quest, Monk Mode is a hack that will allow you to quickly progress towards your dreams.


You work with no internet browsers, or just a single browser tab to help you achieve online tasks, no social media, phone on aeroplane mode, every software program turned off. It is like placing your brain in warm jacuzzi of possibility. Let it brim with creativity borne of distraction-free potential.


Create a Daily Routine


Monk Mode is just the beginning. We all need to live in the real world, so creating a daily schedule that combines Monk Mode with getting enough sleep, exercise and quality nutrition is essential to building your resilience and wellbeing. With practice it is possible to create an effective daily routine and become the best version of yourself.


Your routine should be based around biological rhythms that work for you. Experiment with your schedule and plan your Monk Mode for the periods when you are most likely to achieve flow.


Changing Your Behaviour


Everything takes practice and it is no different with productivity. In the first instance you need to be aware of your own behaviours and what causes you to lose focus or slip out of your chosen routine. Secondly, know that when you feel yourself returning to an undesirable habit or state, you can revert quickly back. Sometimes you just need a break so that you can rejuvenate, other times you need to return to the reason why you are doing what you’re doing. What is the big picture goal? What is your purpose? Focus on your “why?” and get back to the task at hand. If this isn’t working you can implement a trigger behaviour like Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule (it is a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown technique), to help you avoid procrastination and get on with your important work.


No matter what you do to implement lasting change while increasing productivity, Monk Mode certainly provides the foundation. Switching off distractions, ensuring you have a regular and healthy routine, and being self-aware are enough to take anyone from mediocre to highly impactful in work, life, mind and body.