5 Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

More than 15,000 homes in North America catch on fire annually because of a clogged dryer vent. During the process of cleaning and drying clothes materials such as dirt, lint and debris may accumulate in the dryer vent. For this reason, a great emphasis is made on dryer vent cleaning as it has a lot of benefits which will save one from losses, injury and any other risk. Here are some of the benefits;


  1. Fire and pollution prevention measure.

If not cleaned, clogged dryer vents may cause fires which lead to destruction of property, injuries and even deaths. Fire in the dryer vent arises due to the presence of lint. When clothes are being dried a lot of heat is produced, this may light up the lint which starts a fire. It is estimated that negligence of dryers is the major cause of residential dryer fires.


As a result of clogging of the dryer vent, poisonous gases such as carbon-monoxide may end up being released to the building surrounding which leads to carbon-monoxide poisoning. This arises due to the fact that lint or any other material clogging the vent blocks the release of fumes. In the end it leads to a buildup of poisonous fumes such as carbon monoxide, as mentioned before. When this gas is released to the environment it is very dangerous and may have deadly effects.


  1. Saves Energy

A lot of energy is needed to ensure the optimal function of dryer is attained. In the event that the vent is clogged much more energy will be needed. This is attributed to the presence of lint which blocks air passage. When moist air from the clothes cannot leave the dryer, the clothes still remain damp leading to more energy being used. More energy consumption means an increase in the utility bills. This means cleaning the dryer vent will save energy consumption and most of all save on costs.


  1. Efficient operation of the Dryer.

The efficiency of the dryer is somewhat related to energy saving. Clogging of the vent will lead to the dryer using more energy and taking more time than it would have it was clean. When the dryer is clean it will be more efficient which means it ensures time taken in the laundry is reduced as clothes will dry faster.


  1. Increase Life Span of the Dryer.

A clogged dryer will mean that during laundry, the dryer has to strain to perform its operations. Overtime, this may have an effect on the machine itself. It may develop complications and at times it may spoil completely. To ensure operation of the machine for a longer period of time regular cleaning of the dryer vent is needed.


  1. Improves the overall condition of the Surrounding.

When the vent is clogged, moist air is prevented from leaving the machine as it has been designed to. For this reason, it may end up causing an overall increase in humidity. Increased humidity in itself has a lot of undesired effects. One of them is that it provides fungi such as mold a suitable environment to grow. Apart from being a health risk, molds are a nuisance as they grow even on other appliances and furniture which destroys their appearance and quality.


Just like moist air, particles such as lint can also be released to the surrounding in form of dust. This creates a dusty environment. To correct such occurrences and preserve the true nature of the surroundings, it is important to clean the dryer vent.


Dryer vent cleaning should be carried out regularly to prevent these hazardous effects that may arise when it is not done. It is important for the appliance to always be in good condition for optimal functioning.