A Visit to the Bone Sages

Does your back hurt? Do you feel throbbing, shooting pains of pure agony racing along your nerves like the murderous blades of some cellular-sized lawnmower being driven by pain. That’s really the only appropriate way that I could describe my own pain; when doctor’s ask us to describe pain, it’s practically impossible! It’s such a subjective thing, so giving it it’s proper context is important. Of course, after giving me quite the doubting look she was at least good enough to suggest that I visit the best San Jose chiropractor in town if it ‘really’ did hurt that much. As if I could make up something so colorful on the fly! If you’re like me you might be resistant to the notion of visiting a chiropractor. I don’t know about you but when I envision a chiropractor I think of a slightly crazed individual who was kicked out of medical school for his esoteric beliefs about bones. What sort of instrumentation would a mad bone sage wield?

Fortunately, my imagination was once more proven to be overly (if disappointingly) over active. He was neither a wild fringe practitioner nor did he employ any sort of arcane instruments; unless you count those incredible electrodes from the TEN’s Unit. I admit, I was apprehensive once his assistant started to lather patches of my skin up before applying the patches of electrodes to my back. It was distinctively strange when they first flipped the switch. Muscles twitched. I twitched. The power grew as they sought to find what my thresh hold for it was. Maybe that’s why people are so distrusting of chiropractors. There’s quite a lot of testing your limits to pain which by definition means causing it. It’s all been worth it. After six months of regular therapy I’m finally able to to say that there is absolutely no more pain and my spin has been unraveled from the apparent knot that it was.