A Well Stocked First Aid Kit Can Save Lives

When it comes to being prepared for an emergency, there are a number of things people think about. They consider having clothes stored away, in case they might need fresh clothes. They think about having spare bottles of water stored away, or cans of food just in case.


Yet one thing many people don’t consider is keeping their first aid kit fully stocked. If they consider first aid at all, they think about having a few boxes of bandages and some over the counter painkillers on hand. If they’re especially well prepared, they might keep some rubbing alcohol to help disinfect wounds. Unfortunately, while those things are certainly good to keep on hand, those things by themselves don’t actually keep your first aid kit fully stocked.


This is a problem, because there’s so many different emergency situations that can come up that could be solved by having a fully stocked first aid kit, but become much worse due to not having one. A great example is when accidents involving burns happen. Burns can happen in a number of emergency situations, and they can cause long-term muscle and nerve damage. Yet if you don’t have proper burn cream treatments in the first aid kit, you’ll find yourself being unable to deal with the problem as it arrives. That could leave you getting a terrible infection, and in a situation where you might not be able to get proper medical care for several days or weeks, that could end up lethal.


Another thing that a properly stocked first aid kit should have available is gastric medication. One might not consider the need for heart burn or nausea medication in a first aid kit, since those hardly seem like they would be emergency situations. However, in an emergency situation, you may find yourself having to live off of food that’s not of the best quality. The food could simply be old, or it could be that the preservatives in food don’t agree with you. Either way, without the medication, you could find yourself being unable to eat. That’s not to mention what might happen if the food gives you diarrhea, which can cause dehydration quite easily. Without gastric medication, you could find yourself losing out on important nutrients you’ll need to survive.


If you really want to keep your first aid kit fully stocked, you may also want to invest in some splints. While setting a large bone, such as an arm or a leg, would require splints larger than can fit in a traditional first aid kit, having a few finger splints on hand could be helpful. Having finger splints could be the difference between being able to use the hand while dealing with pain, and being completely unable to make use of your hand at all.


When you’re trying to prepare for an emergency, don’t forget your first aid kit. Having food, water, and clothing is important, but being able to respond to emergency medical needs is every bit as important.