Being Beautiful with the help of a Live Chat Room


Everyone who was born after the 1990’s might have never experience the early days of Internet audio/video streaming begin in the mid 1990’s. It was a time consuming and lengthy process of constant waiting. In order to play a 15 minutes video streaming, we have to wait, sometimes almost to an hour, for the streaming file to be played completely. Most of times, we look at the media player kept sending “buffering” message.

Thanks to stiff competition from technology giants, we as end users receive benefits the most. The evolution from real media player to windows media player, and moving flash player and now an HTML5 technology have truly benefited us most.

HTML5 with its enormous support for multimedia has opened the door for a great possibility of Internet multimedia streaming. Optimizing the same HTML5 technology as media delivery, a html chat room for live streaming is also possible.
Not only possible, the technology is now at hand to help people in need.


Insight Into Chat Room for Live Streaming

As a social creature, human being has a tendencies to interact with others. Human lives depend on other human being ever since our infant live. We have witnessed the rise of Facebook as social media network, followed by Twitter and Instagram that recently has reached 400 million users mark. If we notice the vast growth of users in social media, that gives us true evidence of the needs to communicate as human being. It gives us understanding of human are not a solitary being, we have a very strong needs to communicate with other fellow human being where chat room for live streaming can accommodate that needs.

Desire to communicate with fellow human remains the same from the ancient time until now. One thing that constantly change is in a medium to convey message that evolve across time. That is why, although a media streaming has advanced to the level like what we witnessed today, chat room for live streaming is still required. It is because, a live streaming audio and video will never satisfied basic human desire to talk and engage in a conversation. They need to talk to someone and involve in a conversation.


20150525_1139Needs of Chat Room for Live Streaming

Nicholas Kristakis, an American physician whom also a sociologist known for his research on social media, in his 2009 book “Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives” stated how behavior can be spread and emotion can be contagious through social media.

Kristakis is known for its controversial article in New England Journal of Medicine about the spread of obesity over the Internet that has been around for 32 years. The article was published in 2007, and describe of obesity in America becoming a widespread because people with obesity tend to connect with people with the same problem and creating a huge network of obese people. With Internet, such network can becoming larger and larger.
We can use the Internet and people desire for a much better function. A broadcasted video with educational purpose can equip themselves with chat room for live streaming during the broadcast.

Let us, for an example, use Kristakis report about network of obese people as a case study. People with obesity who consider obesity as the problem will seek way to lose weight and gain proportional body. As always, the first who respond quickly for such needs is television. We have seen many TV program directed to people with obesity as their target audience. Those programs are available in a wide range from instructional program, reality show, variety show that encourage people to find solution for obesity.

However, without creating a network of people with the same problem to communicate, even the most sophisticated program will never have a great impact. Considering the spread of obesity was caused by a social network, then a way to help people with obesity must utilize more advanced media. Internet should take place in social media network to help people. With HTML5 chat and multimedia streaming technology, it is possible to provide with educational video plus a chat room for live streaming. Thus it will double the impact.


Fighting Obesity with Chat Room for Live Streaming

Physicians, nutritionists and people with interest to fight obesity can join together utilizing chat room for live streaming to fight obesity. Instructional video broadcasted live, accompanied with a chat room can engage more people to join the network and being together to achieve the same goal: fighting obesity.

Internet streaming technology and chat room for live streaming are the only media fully equipped to fill the gap where no other media can do. Its instructional video will provide guideline to people fighting obesity, while the chat room for live streaming enable people with the same obesity problem to communicate, share their experience and lighten the burden, knowing they fight together.

In the end, technology as product of human invention should be employed to help human achieving a better quality of life.