Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used as a healing drink for centuries so it’s no wonder that it is estimated that over 1 million cups are ingested every day. The medicinal properties of this tea are wide and many, but perhaps the best known is it’s ability to help you relax. Many people like to drink it before bedtime as a sleep inducer and one herbal medicine guide claims that drinking chamomile tea before bed will stop nightmares.


Chamomile Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world today! It is also one of the most flavorful and fragrant of all teas. There are several benefits of chamomile tea. There are many people who really need their chamomile the in the morning to wake them up from slumber or may be have a nice hot cup of Chamomile in the evening to wash away the day`s worry and tensions.

Well, it is not just a tasty, delicious beverage, but is also acclaimed as one of the best teas for medicinal reasons and health benefits. Since time immemorial, people have been using Chamomile tea as part of beauty regime and health regime. Many small ailments can be cured with this wonderful tea!

For instance, did you know that this tea type has calming benefits? It is true, the calming affects of Chamomile Tea is so intense that it can be used to treat insomnia, to calm yourself after a stressful day, or even just for relaxation. Because this type of tea carries some properties of sedation, it can be a great alternative treatment for depression. This is especially true if the depression is caused by nervousness. Many people drink a cup of Chamomile Tea at bedtime to help them fall asleep better and have a better nights rest.

This fragrant tea is also said to help people with massive headaches or migraine issues. But just remember, as soon as you think a migraine is on its way, sip a cup of Chamomile so that it starts its remedial actions soon

Do you suffer from stomach ache, especially those awful stomach cramps? Well, it has been observed by many tea lovers that having a freshly brewed cup of chamomile tea, soothes stomach aches or stomach cramps. Chamomile has high levels of anti inflammatory properties and thus, it helps in providing some relief to the person who is suffering from stomach ache! Generally, it is advisable to have couple of cups of this tea at regular intervals for best results!

Another health benefits of chamomile tea is when we end up burning ourselves while cooking something or may be getting a small cut while chopping something, brew some chamomile tea, soak a wash cloth in it and gently dab it over the wounded area!

Of course, that is not all chamomile tea benefits by any means. For pregnant women, drinking Chamomile Tea on a regular basis during pregnancy can help in alleviating morning sickness. This is good news for the millions of women who suffer from the dreaded morning sickness while pregnant. At the same time, women who suffer from menstrual cramps can find some comfort and pain relief while drinking Chamomile Tea. In other words, this tea is known as a woman’s best friend in many cases.

The tea can even help with addiction, such as those to alcohol or nicotine. Many people chew on the flower buds, after they have been dried, to help rid of their cravings. Chamomile Tea cloves can be used for pain relief for toothaches, if placed and held within in the mouth where the pain is.

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