Can VelaShape Help You Melt Fat?

velashape2Vela or otherwise known as Velashape is one of the biggest and best cellulite treatments available on the market today. People all across the globe have used Velashape to fight their cellulite and return to the body they once knew. The magic behind Velashape relies on a special vacuum technology to massage the skin and deliver heat to the cellulite. This increases the resting metabolism of the body, which causes fat cells to shrink and cellulite to vanish. It’s not a miracle treatment and does take time, but it delivers some pretty powerful results.

How Velashape Works

Of course, you never want to rush into buying a product if you don’t fully understand how it works and how it affects the body. The process starts with you identifying problem areas of the body you want to target. Not everybody is the same, which is why many fat burning solutions don’t work for everyone. Velashape works effectively on many different regions of the body, specifically all of those known to store fat. Once you identify the problem areas on the body you can begin to target and heat them with the Velashape device.

The Velashape device quite literally melts away the fat in your body. The end-result is that you look and feel not only younger, but healthier. As the fat and cellulite vanish, the skin will return to a smoother, softer texture. While the Velashape may heat away the fat, how it creates that heat is unique. There’s no heating element inside.

velashape1Instead of using a dangerous heating element that would burn the skin before it reached the fat, Velashape uses a combination of high radio frequencies and a flashing light source. The radio frequency is so high that the vibrations actually cause the majority of the heat. It works together with the light to penetrate the skin and heat the fat beneath without damaging the skin at all. Any of the components that actually contact the skin are designed to be cool to the touch.

You never feel as though you are burning yourself.

The end-result feels like a relaxing personal massage. The only problems people occasionally encounter is a slight pinch of the skin. This is caused by the rollers and can be easily adjusted and removed. Even this problem is very rare.

Is It Worth The Money?

Understanding how it works is extremely important, but now you have to decide if it’s actually worth your time and money. If you’ve tried other weight loss treatments in the past that haven’t worked, then you may be hesitant to invest in something new. This is completely reasonable, but Vela is in a completely different league than most of these other products.

Velashape doesn’t make strong claims without first testing their products and supporting their claims with clinical research. The Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy performed a clinical study using Velashape and around 90 percent of the women who used the treatment noticed an improvement. About 95 percent of the patients said they would purchase Velashape to use for themselves after the trial.