Chin Lift Facts

Where once cosmetic procedures seemed unattainable for a lot of people, development in technology and techniques has meant they are now not only a genuine option but also affordable too. One of these procedures that are becoming ever more popular for both men and women is the chin lift. If a chin lift is something that has been playing on your mind and you are interested in learning more, then take a look at the below list of chin lift facts to help you get your head around the procedure.




A Chin Lift and Neck Lift Are the Same

You might see a lot about neck lifts when searching for chin lift information and that is because they are essentially the same procedure called by a different name. Surgeons will often carry out slight variations in the technique depending on the extent of the work needed and what the desired results are and this involves them working on the neck area to help make the chin and jaw more pronounced. The end result is significant improvement in a client’s appearance and youthfulness.


They Are Most Common With Overs 40s

A chin lift is ideal for anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of his or her neck and jaw; this tends to be more common as we age and therefore we see anyone between the ages of 40 and 80 having the procedure.

A lot of people find themselves in this position because the neck area is one that we tend to inadvertently ignore until the signs of ageing or a double chin are actually upon us. There are a variety of reasons that people become unhappy with the appearance of their neck, whether it is just general ageing, sun damage, and fat build up or drastic weight loss. The neck area is often one that is ignored in people’s beauty routines, but it should be treated with the same products that you use on your face to help keep it looking youthful and healthy. Of course the skin naturally loses elasticity over time and it is natural to see signs of ageing. All these factors and more can make our skin loose its elasticity and sag and a chin lift is ideal for anyone in this position.


It Is a Common Procedure

The procedure for a chin lift is usually an incision made both in front of and behind the earlobe, then any excess fat or skin is removed from the neck and in some cases the neck muscles are altered. The result is that the patient’s jaw line becomes more defined and the chin and neck are more noticeable. In some cases the surgeon will perform an incision under the chin and this can help to correct the underlying muscles. The patient is under full anesthetic during the surgery and generally the procedure takes around 2 hours depending on the work required.



It Drastically Changes Your Appearance

The obvious benefit to chin lift surgery is that you no longer have the unattractive loose skin that was sitting around your jawline. Instead you will have a youthful and tight neck area and these results in taking years off your appearance. This type of procedure is commonly combined with several others to create a facelift effect, it is by no means a new procedure and therefore there is very little risk involved in it. This is also a form of surgery that is fairly simple to hide post-operation. By simply wearing scarves or turtlenecks you needn’t worry about people noticing you have had work done. Compare this to the bruising of the likes of eye or nose surgery and it is a fairly discrete procedure.


The Expected Recovery Time

The recovery time for a chin lift takes anywhere from around 10 to 14 days depending on the extent of the surgery and how well the patients look after themselves.


There Are No Real Side-Effects

A chin lift is somewhat of an invasive surgery so it is important to look after yourself in the recovery period to ensure you limit the risk of infection. It isn’t uncommon for the area to feel tight and stiff for a few days but this passes as the body recovers.


Visibility of Scarring is Minimal

As with any surgery there is also the initial scarring with chin lift, but these fade over time and with the right treatment. However a talented surgeon should be able to make sure the appearance of these scars is minimal and also hidden as much as possible.