Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Smile With Confidence

Dentures are easily the most popular tooth replacement option, and they help millions of Americans live more normal lives. Although their primary purpose is to improve chewing and eating, artificial teeth also provide cosmetic benefits. One such benefit is that they prevent facial muscles from sagging, which can make a person look much older than they really are. Dentures also allow users to smile and talk with confidence. But as wonderful as they may be for most wearers, false teeth are far from perfect.

Common Complaints

With over thirty million wearers in the U.S., dentures appeal to an enormous audience. As such, there are bound to be complaints. For brevity’s sake, here are the most common ones a cosmetic dentist might hear:

– Move around in the mouth
– Gum irritation
– Mouth infections
– Problems speaking and eating

Although they are clearly separate issues, they are all caused by a poor fit. The good news is that the problem can easily be addressed by an experienced cosmetic dentist who can offer a simple solution.

What Are Custom Dentures?

Dentures range in quality from merely adequate to excellent. On the lower end of the scale are models that are manufactured to meet standard mouth sizes. In other words, the patient has no opportunity to try them on for fit in advance. As you might imagine, these economical versions tend to cause a lot of oral issues. They often result in soreness, irritation, and even pain because they do not meet the exact measurements of each wearer’s mouth. Custom models address these issue by taking a mold of the patient’s mouth beforehand. They can also be adjusted after the fact for an even better fit.

Other Advantages

Learning to speak with false teeth can be challenging in its own right. But when the pair fits poorly, saying certain words may be all but impossible. Many users are forced to change their normal speaking rhythm and speed because their replacement teeth move around when they talk.

For obvious reasons, eating is always more difficult with an ill-fitting pair. Wearers may be forced to slow down and take more bites than usual. For some folks, the increased chewing demands can cause their jawbones to get tender and sore from overuse. We should also mention that many foods would be pretty much off limits if your false set doesn’t fit, including anything hard or sticky.