Greg Moore – Supplement Review Blog

If you are serious about your health and fitness, then check out Supplement Review Blog, setup by ex-bodybuilding Greg Moore and his team.

The blog is intended to educate people just starting out with bodybuilding, all the way up to expert users who want to gain muscle quickly and improve their physique. Greg and his team regularly post new content about bodybuilding supplements, product reviews, informational posts and workouts which enable you to keep fit and train hard! Greg even posts the odd selfie on the website and product giveaways where you can win prizes. Gregs plans for 2016 sound great, where they intend to grow further and even start supplying their own range of supplements.

Unlike other blogs out there, Greg vision was to create a blog that contains useful and informative advice. He also wants the articles to be easy to read, well structured and interesting. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, or build muscle, there should be article for you. Greg was previously a professional competition bodybuilder with in excess of 32 years experience. His dedication to helping people improve their levels of fitness and commitment to the community can be clearly seen in his posts.

Recent posts include information on a product called Testofuel, a testosterone boosting supplement dedicated to males who have plateaued during their fitness regime. Alongside this, you can read up about how Prohormones work and help athletes to continue training, along with the consequences of neglecting post cycle therapy after taking a pro-hormone. When the reading Greg’s blog, I learned that there is a considerable amount of evidence that suggests that pro-hormones are only effective when used in a specific way. Many users choose to neglect using post cycle therapy supplements, but this can end up causing issues in later life, along with making the supplements less effective. The article I read was very informative, interesting and goes to show the level of commitment that Greg and his team put into their blog.