How To Know If Your Child Requires Orthodontics?

Taking care of your child’s teeth is a very important part of parenthood. At Barrhaven Dental in Nepean, Ottawa, we know growing up with healthy teeth can make all the differences in your child’s life. Dental care must start at a young age to stay ahead of the game. Prevention is the best method in respects to dental care. This idea is particularly relevant when speaking about orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments are most successful when administered early, at a young age. How do you know if your child needs them?

Breathing Through The Mouth

Teeth and jaw issues such as an inability to close their lips over crooked teeth can cause this problem. If you do not get treatment for any condition that causes mouth breathing your child is at risk of developing a gummy smile, narrow upper jaw, gingivitis and teeth may not align correctly when the jaw is closed. Orthodontic treatment is effective against all of the above problems.

Teeth That Are Crooked And Crowded

This is most important as the adult teeth begin to come in. If you notice the teeth are crooked or your child mentions discomfort of the mouth, it is time for orthodontics. Options range from very mild correction to severe cases where headgear is required. It all depends on how your child’s teeth are growing in. Remember; fix this problem early before it gets more severe.

Tooth Loss

A possible cause for concern and implementation of orthodontics is if your child is losing baby teeth prematurely. Around the ages of 6-7, it is normal for tooth loss to be happening but if your child is losing teeth much earlier there may be an underlying orthodontic condition present.

Difficulty In Chewing Food

Complaints of sore teeth or gums during eating are often an indicator of a misaligned jaw. The child may be shifting their bite to compensate and it is causing pain. This may sound serious but it’s nothing orthodontic treatments cannot fix.

Thumb Sucking

When you wean your child off of the feeding bottle they often look for a substitute. In this case it normally their thumb or fingers. This should stop around the age of 3 but many children cannot kick the habit. They find it comforting and use it to alleviate stress or boredom. It is essential that your child ceases to thumb suck before their adult teeth begin appearing as the repetitive action will cause teeth to grown in crooked. The upper teeth will begin to angle forwards while the lower teeth become crowded. This can lead to a speech impediment such as lisping. Orthodontic treatment may already be necessary but it is also able to curb the thumb sucking action. Either way, as a parent you must ensure that your child stops sucking their thumb, either through reminders, positive reinforcement or substituting the activity with something else.

The Benefits Of Early Treatment Or Orthodontics

  1. Creates a well aligned jaw with enough space for further adult teeth
  2. Helps create a balanced and aligned bite
  3. Appearance of teeth and mouth is improved
  4. Get rid of unhealthy habits
  5. Speech problems can be corrected (after the appliance is removed of course)
  6. Early adoption will greatly reduce the amount of time of an orthodontic treatment plan

Our professional staff at our Nepean dental office administers all orthodontic treatments. Whether your child requires a bite guard, retainer or braces, Barrhaven Dental has you covered offering the newest techniques and products such as Invisalign braces Nepean.