It Surprised Me to Go Through the Same Back Issues Dad Did

I have known that my dad had back problems for a long time. That always frustrated him because it’s an issue that kept him from doing all the things that he wanted to on many occasions. But I never thought that I would have the same kind of problems myself so early on. I was telling my mother about it, and she told me I should go see my dad’s chiropractor in Round Rock TX before I found my issues getting worse. I had no idea that he was going to one, and mom said that he just started going a few months earlier after I went away to college. She said that dad was finding the relief that he was longing for after so many years.

I know that it used to make my dad really sad when I would beg him to go do things with me that he couldn’t always do because of his bad back. I did that as a child, and sometimes I didn’t know when to stop because I just wanted him to do fun things with me and that is all that I could focus on. When I grew older, I could see the looks of sadness on his face when I pushed him too much, so I learned to back off. When I went away to college, it was mom who had to do all the heavy lifting to help me move into my dorm, but dad was there for plenty of hugs and well wishes.

I slipped and fell down a steep set of stairs in my dorm one day. I knew I was sore right away, but it took a few days for me to realize that my back was pretty bad. Many weeks later, the pain persisted. Months later, I knew I had a problem. The doctor on campus was not much help, so that is when I talked to my mom about it. Now I go see dad’s chiropractor and I feel as good as new again.