Keeping My Back in Shape for Gardening Chores in the Spring

After a long winter of not doing much, I went outside and was readying the garden for spring planting. We really prefer our fresh produce over what the store considers fresh. We like to can pickles from a spicy seasoning mix I make too. However, hitting the ground running this spring with all the rototilling and digging left my back hurting. When it would not go away, I started to look at chiropractors in Huntington NY to see who would take me as a new patient.

I thought I just pulled something while using the rototiller, but it looks like I ended up knocking my back out of alignment and pinching a nerve. It would ache, burn and bother me nonstop. I put up with it for a week before consulting a chiropractor. I was taking over-the-counter painkillers at the maximum dose every day, and I wanted to stop that too. I was kind of taken aback to feel how much relief just a single spinal adjustment gave me. It was like turning down the dimmer switch on an overhead light. The pain went from full to almost nonexistent with one treatment. It tried to flare back up for a week or so, but going back for some more adjustments helped.

Once the nerve impingement was halted, my back started to heal. Then I started exercises to build my strength back up. Stronger back muscles help keep you from hurting yourself when you go out and do things such as rototilling a garden. I am also going to make sure my next winter season is not so sedentary. That is what really set me back as I lost muscle mass and put on a few pounds of fat over the winter months. Now my goal is to stay strong and active throughout the winter to be ready for all the extra work gardening brings in the spring.