ProsurX: Moving on in life with your cold sores


Hello, folks. My experience with Herpes was 5 years ago, but I won’t let something I have dealt with control my life. Glad I’m not only one – I know there are many like me out there. I have say, it’s not easy telling my secret, but I have had enough of fake smiles to my face and all the gossip talk behind my back.

Cold sores has such a stupid stigma. I don’t know why but people are afraid of the word, but won’t bother to educate themselves. Well, this is the place where you can get some education. I don’t want people judging me or my friends, because you might be in same boat and need someone to give you support.

Please make sure you join your local support group. There are many anonymous Herpes support groups out there. The one I went to are sponsored by Prosurx. I think they make a topical cream to treat cold sore. You can talk to people in the same situation like you.


I just want say that it’s okay to ask questions – no need to be scared. Also, HSV-1 (cold sores/fever blisters) is herpes, too, so don’t be in denial accept and it; a sensitive matter for some, but it’s okay, so be a braveheart: only ignorant people think negatively about something could happen to any one.

There are many good remedies out there. Acyclovir, Prosurx or Zovirax.

I didn’t sleep around: one female with whom I was in relationship. Maybe she didn’t know, but I can’t change the past. Love yourself and live your life!