Stem Cell Therapy For Heart Disease

heart disease therapy

If you or your loved one is suffering from coronary heart disease or congestive heart failure and your doctors had lost all the hope, then there is still one option available for you – stem cell therapy for heart disease. This is a ground breaking new treatment for various heart ailments, on which scientists and medical researchers were working since past few years. The treatment helps in rebuilding the heart tissue using the patient’s individual stem cells. Stem cells are called the master cells of the body that helps in repairing and replacing any damaged tissue in the body. Stem cell therapy uses this unique functionality of stem cells and enables the patient’s own body to cure the ailment.

What Type Of Heart Diseases Can Be Cured With The Help Of Step Cell Therapy For Heart Disease?

Coronary heart disease is the most common form of heart ailment in which the blood flow gets reduced due to blockage of the arteries in the heart. As the time passes, the blockage tends to increase, and reduced blood flow can actually damage the heart tissue, the condition is commonly known as cardiomyopathy. With the further damage, the proper functioning of the heart gets affected and when the damaged tissue becomes unusually large, the heart fails to pump blood and as a result of this heart collapse occurs.

When there is gradual reduction in the blood flow from the heart, this causes chest pain and breathlessness. When the person develops this condition, he would experience difficulty in performing day to day physical activities such as walking or climbing stairs. As the condition deteriorates, the person finds it almost impossible to perform regular physical tasks. This is when stem cell therapy for heart disease helps the patient. Though the therapy may not be able to completely cure the heart disease, it can significantly improve the condition of patient by increasing the blood flow to the heart. After the treatment, the patient would experience fewer chest pains and would be able to perform the physical activities in better way.

How Stem Cell Therapy For Heart Disease Works

As mentioned earlier, the stem cell therapy for treating the heart ailments uses patient’s own stem cells to regenerate new blood vessels and heart tissue. In this treatment, the patient is asked to provide a blood sample (250cc). From this sample, the professionals isolate and extract the stem cells. Then these cells are grown and multiplied in vitro. The next step is sorting these newly generated cells depending upon their ability to build new blood vessels. These cells are then taken back into the patient’s body. The therapy uses patient’s own stem cells to repair the damaged heart tissue, and hence there is no question of complications regarding patient’s body rejecting the new cells. Also, there is no risk of developing other infections arising from blood transfusions.

For patients who are suffering from heart diseases with little hope left for getting cured, now they can depend upon stem cell therapy for heart disease and get back to their normal life.

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