Tackling Pet Allergies So Everyone Wins

Are you experiencing watery eyes, nasal congestion, an itchy rash, or even wheezing? These symptoms could be a reaction to your cuddly kitten or your playful puppy.

We humans tend to think that the worst offender to our allergies is pet hair, however, this might not be the case. The biggest culprit to offend your allergies may be pet dander and saliva. As always, it is best to consult a professional to find out the true cause of your allergies, but there are a few everyday actions that can help reduce your symptoms.

  1.  Proper Grooming

An excellent area to start is at the source. Pets should be bathed weekly. Yes, even cats. Some breeds of pets can have genetically sensitive skin, but even wiping your pet down with a damp cloth or a washrag can help reduce the dander that is released and disbursed around your home.

After a bath or a wipe down it is great time to also brush your pet, preferably outside. Brushing will loosen the dander that can hide in a coat, this will also give an opportunity to examine your pet’s skin; looking for flaky skin, hotspots, and a brittle or unhealthy coat. These skin conditions could be a warning to a larger health problem and will allow you to get a diagnoses from your vet early.

  1. Protect Your Soft Surfaces.

It might be wonderful to snuggle up with your pet on the sofa or in bed but this allows dander to become deposited in your furniture and mattresses. It is in your best interest to vacuum several times a week and get all soft surfaces professionally cleaned every six months. If you are in the New Orleans, LA area D&G Carpet Cleaning can help by expertly cleaning all of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Pay special attention to cleaning your bedroom. Because, we spend several hours every night sleeping we need to make sure that the bed sheets, pillows, and all surrounding carpets and rugs are in a clean state. Make sure that your pet has their own bed or blanket to snuggle while they sleep. This will keep the dander and saliva away from your face while you are sleeping.

  1. Be Wise to Air Quality

We try to make our homes as energy efficient as possible; making the most out of the money we put in to our heating and air conditioning, we effectively make our homes airtight. All of the air that is pushed through the home has to go through our furnace and air conditioner filters. Pet dander can clog a filter and become circulated to the rest of the home. Make sure that filters are changed out regularly and possibly consider getting a secondary filter system such as HEPA filter to scrub the air in your home.

With these few steps we can successfully reduce our allergy symptoms so that living with your furry friend becomes both a happy and healthy experience.

If you would like to learn more about reducing the pet allergies at your home that might be caused by dirty carpet visit us at: www.dgcarpetclean.com to learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services.