The Right Way to Rid Yourself of Rage

Anger is an emotional response that often we cannot control. It can force us to say things we do not mean and to hurt the people we care most about. Learning to manage rage can take months or even years. While you can attempt anger management on your own it is recommended by experts that you find a therapist to help you when you struggle.

The Wrong Way to Manage Anger

When people try to cope with anger they usually take one of two routes. The first is to bury their emotions inside them. They think that pretending they do not feel hurt will make it go away or that they can just forget the problem in order to solve it. Ignoring problems never works.

Studies show that bottling your feelings protects only your conscious mind from them. Inside, your subconscious is slowly being destroyed by hostile emotion and doubt. It begins to break down your will power. The next time something you do not like happens, you will be even quicker to anger because whether you know it or not, you are still mad from before.

The alternate way people try to deal with anger is through venting in physical ways. Whether by punching someone or exercising more, the physical approach is a bad one. Anger is a form of arousal. Adding more adrenaline to it only makes things worse.

In a world where help is readily available, these methods need never be resorted to. Use a psychotherapy directory in Australia to find the help you deserve.

Find a Therapist That Will Help You Help Yourself

Anger management is lifelong. It is about recognizing patterns to your moods and learning better habits. A therapist can help you formulate an action plan using the three steps that you will be able to recreate on your own.

The first step is to figure out the Why of your emotion. Think about how long you have had an anger problem. This will help you and your therapist determine whether your rage has an internal foundation or is created by an external factor like stress or the loss of a family member.

Step two tries to figure out Who is the cause of your rage problem. It is a trick question because the answer is always you. Even if someone else says something that offends you, it is you who decides how to react. Step two is about taking responsibility for your anger so that you can fix the problem instead of placing blame on someone else.

The third step uses the first two to determine How to manage anger. Based on the reason you are mad and the way you take responsibility, you can learn how to best handle your own emotion. Your therapist can teach you management skills like how to communicate your feelings in a positive way and how to cope with emotions that lead to anger, like anxiety and frustration.

Use a psychotherapy directory in Australia

Help is available. Anger management is a tough battle that you do not have to fight alone. Find a therapist with the training required to transition from a world of petty fights to one of peace and negotiation.