Top 4 High Cholesterol Myths That You MUST Know

High cholesterol has been acknowledged for a long period of time as one among the few serious health problems in the United States. Moreover, high cholesterol may trigger various other deadly health conditions such as heart attack and stroke. However, there are many myths about high cholesterol that often mislead men and women, young and old, regarding this particular health condition. In this brief article, we will address some points of misunderstanding about high cholesterol in order to help you getting the right judgment and treatment. For more useful tips and suggestions, visit

  1. Eggs are Evil

Many people believe that eggs are evil simply because they contain cholesterol. However, and the fact is, consuming eggs is not as bad as you assume as long as you get them just on proportion. Moreover, eggs actually contain healthy protein, unsaturated fat and 200mg dietary cholesterol that all good for your overall health. Hence, eating one or two eggs every day is good and even advised by medical professional to help you get the appropriate amount of protein and cholesterol required by your body.

2. Children Can’t Have High Cholesterol

Is this right? Or just a myth? The truth is: the incident of atherosclerosis or the narrowing of the arteries which can result in heart attacks begins at 8 age! And what is the cause of atherosclerosis? High level of LDL cholesterol. Research studies has revealed that obese children can get high cholesterol, or at least they are more prone to have high cholesterol. To help treating high cholesterol in children, it is suggested that fiber-based diet regimen and physical activities (exercises) should be addressed carefully.

3. Heart Healthy Foods: “0mg Cholesterol”

Many people assume that when they got “0mg Cholesterol” tag on their food items, it just means that the food is healthy for your heart. Unfortunately, it is not true. Even though it contains zero cholesterol, many refined food items actually have saturated as well as trans fat that eventually can level up your LDL or bad cholesterol. So, keep your eyes open every time you get your “healthy” packaged meals in case that you find ingredients that may increase your cholesterol levels.

4. Cholesterol is a Bad Thing

This is the most prevalent myth about cholesterol being talked about. But, is it true? The answer is: not always. It depends on what type of cholesterol that you talked about. As you might already know, cholesterol consist of two different form: HDL or good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. Simply put, good cholesterol is good because it helps to crush the arteries’ fat buildup that can trigger heart attack and stroke. Bad cholesterol is bad because it causes arteries’ clogged mainly due to fat that create buildup throughout the veins. In fact, good cholesterol is actually vital for many bodily metabolism required to maintain your healthy life.



As you may now see, there are a number of cholesterol myths that can be misleaded and even dangerous when you got high cholesterol problem. While unmasking these myths is for sure important, knowing what you have to do to cure your high cholesterol problem is even more important. Healthy lifestyle changes often help a lot. Moreover, in case you get a very high cholesterol level, talking with your doctor and asking for the proper recommendation can be really helpful to lower the risk of other complications such as heart condition or stroke.