YardYum Helps The World Get Healthier, One Garden at a Time


As you probably know by now, gardening is good for your health.  More and more studies have come out that indicate gardening can help reduce stress, improve mental health, is a good source of exercise, and can also ward off dementia.

Then of course there’s the nutrition aspect.  By growing your own organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and sharing them with your family and friends, you’re promoting the consumption of more delicious and nutritious foods, versus the store-bought stuff that a lot of us eat on a regular basis.  It’s a well-known fact that the more vegetables and fruits you include in your diet, the lower your blood pressure will be, the lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, the less chance you’ll get cancer, it’s less likely you’ll get diabetes, and your vision can even improve. How great is that?

There’s a trend that’s been growing over the last few years called community gardening.  This is where neighbors come together and tend a garden in a local, community space, often helping each other, and sharing tools, seeds, compost, fertilizer, and watering responsibilities.

But one of the biggest problems with community gardens in many cities around the world is a lack of space. For example, in Vancouver, Canada, there’s over 75 different community gardens but many have multi-month or multi-year wait lists. The supply simply can’t keep up with the demand.


YardYum is a new platform that lets you rent garden plots.  It allows landowners (anyone from a local homeowner, farmer, school, church, or business) that have available space which can be used for a garden, to rent this space to gardeners that don’t have their own space.  One example is someone living in an apartment that really wants to garden but clearly doesn’t have the room.

Think of all the unused yards in metropolitan areas all over the world.  YardYum allows this space to be used for something productive: gardening.  Theres many benefits to this model.  It’s good for the environment, it’s good for people’s health, it’s good for bringing communities together and helping neighbors meet one another and build relationships, and it helps reduce climate change by encouraging the consumption of more locally-grown food.

If you’re a landowner with some spare space, or if you’re a wannabe gardener who doesn’t have your own space for a garden, then check out YardYum!